07 May

About My Work


As a deep soulworker, my work is to guide you to the doorways to your soul, so that you align with who you really are and tap into your true spiritual power.

I believe that every problem, when traced to the deepest root, stems from a disconnection from your soul (or true self, authentic self, higher self, spirit, source, oneness).  I can help you to reconnect with your soul and decipher your soul’s messages.

Who it is for:

I work with people from all walks of life.  The individuals who are most drawn to the approach and style of my work include:

  • Those of you with a deep soul calling but are struggling with feeling lost, as though there is something missing in your life, and a deep yearning to find your home within.  You may feel displaced in this world and are seeking to find your life purpose.
  • Former addicts who are struggling to find joy in your life and want to go to the next level of healing your emotional issues.  You sense there is something spiritual about your struggles and yearn to find the deeper meaning. My Approach To Addictions
  • Those of you who don’t feel good about yourself, who may be consistently plagued by shame, guilt, fears and want to find a way out.  You somehow know that your problems stem from lack of self-love but at a loss at how to learn to love yourself.

Essentially, those who are trapped in an unhappy cycle and are looking for a way out that involves doing the inner work necessary to heal the patterns that lead to your unhappiness.

Who it is not for:

  • Those who are looking for a quick fix that doesn’t involve doing the emotional work necessary to heal properly.
  • Those who are not prepared to do the inner work and address their issues seriously.
  • Those who simply want to manage their dysfunctional habits and behaviours without going deep into the underlying issues.

If you are reading this, you probably do not belong to this category.  You are more likely a seeker and have an interest in seeking the truth about yourself.




Unusual Wisdom by Amyra Mah