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About Amyra Mah

soul alignment with Amyra Mah

My name is Amyra (a-Myra, not a-Meera).  I am a spiritual coach, addiction therapist, intuitive counsellor, psychospiritual alchemist and visionary writer.  At the core, I am a Deep Soulworker.  I am passionate about guiding you to find your personal power, spiritual meaning, and a profound sense of comfort within so that you can liberate your true, magnificent self.

As a child, I had experienced seeing that what existed in the physical world wasn’t the full story, and I was connected to the mysterious force that existed beneath it.  But at some point during my childhood, I lost my connection to this force and began to feel trapped in a limited world.  This put me on a lifelong path of finding liberation, where I was challenged to find ways of seeing beyond the physical reality – to find a way out of the illusion of imprisonment.

My road to rediscovering my personal power was long and arduous.  Along the way, I struggled with depression. body image issues, eating disorders and drug addictions.  Through this, I was tested many times to see beyond the apparent, instead of struggling purely on a superficial level to cope with my inner turmoils and becoming more entrenched in pain and suffering.

Frustrated with not finding a way out through conventional ways, I was driven to find my own source of knowledge.  Eventually, my search for unusual sources of power led me to appreciating the dark and dreaded stuff we normally run away from as raw material to generate something positive and valuable.

Now I help people find unusual sources of power within them and transform their pain, struggles, blocks into personal power.

Where others see a block, a misalignment, a pain – I see potential power.  Guiding people to retrieve their power from these apparent weaknesses so that they rise to their magnificence is what excites me.

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