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Healing Your Relationship With Food

03 May
May 3, 2008

Last night, I watched a film in the centre’s movie room.  As I settled on the couch, I proceeded to eat a Mars Bar and buttered popcorn.  Halfway through the movie, I was struck by how relaxed and free I am about my eating now.  It’s been years since I’d thought anything about it, since I’d obsessed about everything I ate.

Eating a Mars Bar without calculating the kind of ‘damage’ it could have on my body is so liberating.  I have been on countless diets in the past, obsessively counting calories, carb portions, fat grams, weighing myself, measuring myself, scaring myself with the imagined effects food could have on my body shape – wrecking my sense of self-worth with massive guilt and self-beating, and then neutralising the effects with diet pills, stimulants and appetite suppresants. ...keep reading

Finding The Gift In An Illness

02 Apr
April 2, 2008

Yesterday, I met up with a friend whom I hadn’t seen for almost three years.  She seemed so different from when I last saw her – her energy is expansive and bright, and she has an aura of peace about her.  The transformation from the last time I’d seen her was stark.  Her depression, the heavy sadness and pain which hung about her three years ago is gone, replaced by a certain presence and relaxed self-assuredness.

She’s a model of someone who took responsibility to change for the better when confronted by what seemed like bad news.  A year ago, she was diagnosed with cancer.  Refusing invasive treatments, she opted to heal herself through addressing her emotional issues.  She attributed her change to the cancer.  “It’s a blessing,” she said, without a hint of self-pity. ...keep reading

The Anti-Beauty Day

01 Apr
April 1, 2008

I am in a shopping mall, browsing the shelves on a vendor stand lined with beauty products.  I’m intrigued and fascinated by some of the products for sale.  Each product I pick up seems to scream its promise at me:

Lighten Your Nipples!

Flatten Your Tummy! 

Curl/Extend Your Eyelashes! 

Enlarge Your Breasts! 

Slim Your Face! 

I note how I am absorbing this with a detachment that eluded me in the past.  As I recall how in the past I would easily fall victim to such beauty standards and be made to feel inferior, I shudder at what this could do to so many other women who are still struggling with a negative body image.  Being reminded that I wasn’t perfect would’ve gotten me into an obsessive loop of buying hope in bottles, tubes and jars while beating myself up for not being good enough. ...keep reading