30 Aug

Premises and Approaches


  1. You are never stuck stuck.  You can only feel stuck because you are recycling your thoughts, emotions, perception, habits.  Movement on any of these levels can bring you out of your stuckness.
  2. Your struggle with your external world is a struggle within your inner world.  Healing can occur by tackling not only the immediate environment but also its macrocosm or microcosm – enabling more options to be available for finding the doors to liberation.
  3. You can renew yourself on every level of your being.  Transformation is possible when you look beyond the physical matter and what is commonly accepted.
  4. When you move a physical matter, something else gets moved along with it too.  By aligning yourself with the intangible qualities, you can increase the nature and volume of change.
  5. Your blocks point you to where your power is.  Even the most intense pain and suffering can be alchemised into something joyful, empowering and inspiring.

Those are some of the tenets of my teachings.  When I work with a client, I will guide the process by:


  1. Reflecting back to you where and how you’re keeping yourself stuck in an unhappy place.  I will then show you how you can create space to manoeuvre yourself out of this place.
  2. Helping you to find the link between your external and internal worlds, to open up more possibilities for healing to occur.
  3. Guiding you to places where you have misplaced your power and helping you to retrieve your power from those places.
  4. Tapping into the spiritual force in you and directing movement of this force to where you want change to happen.
  5. Empowering you to be a magician of your own life – by turning what disempowers you into power you can actually feel in a real sense.

Unusual Wisdom by Amyra Mah

“Amyra has been a godsend to me.  I couldn’t see my way out of the confusion that was my life… But with Amyra’s gentle coaching I can now see that “magical possibilities” is not just a concept but undeniably a part of my life.  She’s been able to relate to my “blocks” and has taught me techniques that have released me.  Besides her knowledge and her abilities, Amyra is a warm, genuine and unpretentious soul.”

A. K.

“Describing what I’ve gained out of working with Amyra is almost impossible.  She never ceases to amaze me.  Every session with her is a reminder of how truly magical life can be, even when it seems desperately overwhelming.  Perhaps the greatest gift I have received from Amyra is the realisation that there is nothing that my soul doesn’t know.  Every day I find that I am able to surrender to, and accept the unknown, thus discovering the magic that is just waiting to unfold.  I am learning to listen to the wisdom of my soul, and for the first time in my life, I feel really guided.  Thank you Amyra.”

Z. N.

“When I first reached out to Amyra I was in a place of near complete despair.  I had been under such physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual torment that I was in a state of constant pain (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome).  The difficulties of the previous decade or two (or three) of my life had brought me to that point and I will be forever grateful for the shift of focus that Amyra showed me.After just a few short weeks of conversation I had given up on the idea that I was a victim and began establishing the understanding of my role in the whole mess that had made up my world.  After a few more weeks she had helped me refocus my attention in a way that turned the tides of this reprehensible condition known to some as Chronic Fatigue.

I have the utmost faith in her skill as a healer, the likes of which are exceptionally few and far between.

Take your favorite spiritual guru, for instance.  Have you ever wished you could have a one on one conversation with this person?  Look no further, for there is one right here available to you without all of the accolades.  I introduce to you, Amyra Mah.  The divine truly shines bright from within this one, and like a finger pointing at the moon, to the moon thou shalt look!

Should you choose to take the plunge, beware that she will show you that you need look no further than within yourself.  You have no problems which you yourself, and coincidentally, none other than you yourself, cannot dissolve.”

D. A.

“Amyra is one of the most incredible spiritual guides I have ever met in my life.  She has been the only one who can guide me to the ultimate core of my soul, in that space where everything is pure love, and absolutely calm.  Her outstanding spiritual intuition makes her unique and defnitely far ahead of any other therapist or person I have ever met.”

A. A.

“Amyra’s unique and special approach has completely shifted and changed my life.  I am thankful to her for tenderly guiding me to this wonderful and terrific space. 

Just a few months ago, I was the dude with no hope, pummeled and beaten, suicidal, filled with so much fear.  I couldn’t even leave my property.  Now I’m smack dab in the middle of a beautiful space.  Sometimes I just shake my head, smile and even choke up a tear of joy.  It truly is a magical miracle!  Plain and simple.  I could not have done this without Amyra’s help.

I’m so proud to be one of Amyra’s students – her guidance is priceless.  I’ve been implementing so much of her knowledge in my daily life and I’m grateful for all the gifts she has shown me.  Her wisdom, knowledge and insights are always truth felt, and my trust in them is always right on.

I hope Amyra keeps spinning her magic healing powers and wisdom with everyone who reaches out.  We need more Amyra.  She’s a gift that keeps giving.  With her help, my shift continues to bring more awareness and joy to my life.  Her big stamp is on my miraculous transformation.”

T. R.

“In the past nine months, Amyra has gently guided me towards a deeper knowing for myself about my hidden blocks and fears which were preventing me from accessing my true power.  She has gently, but knowingly, guided me in the transformation of these blocks towards a deeper peace and energy to feel and know my spiritual core, which has enhanced my intuition and creativity.

I am SO grateful to her for bringing her wonderful healing power to help me in my journey.  She is helping me towards greater clarity and depth and it feels purely magical what we are able to achieve together.

Her workshops are always a powerful healing experience – totally uplifting, beautiful, deep and meaningful… They are truly transformational, giving me a greater insight into my shadow side and a clearer connection to my personal power.

I feel totally safe in her nurturing and affirming presence and feel her ability to see and know with great depth.  I am truly grateful for her wonderful spirit that she so generously shares.  I believe she does have ‘Unusual Wisdom’ and is guiding me towards finding mine.”

E. C.

“Amyra is one of the most wonderfully intuitive people I have met on my journey.  Working with her, I managed to experience a rapid and amazing breakthrough on a core issue that I have spent countless hours trying to uncover on my own and with other therapists.

This realisation has given me a whole new understanding of who I am, why I do the things I do and given me back my power and confidence to face life head on.

I would strongly urge anyone embarking on a spiritual awakening or who is feeling lost or stuck in their path to engage with this beautiful soul.”

S. T.