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Elephant Medicine: Healing My Relationship With The World

24 Mar
March 24, 2012

Interacting with an elephant healed my relationship with the world
Only three months into the year, and 2012 is already looking to be a widly adventurous and creative year for me.  I am driven by a great enthusiasm to create – inspired by a curiosity to move into unknown territories.  In the material sense, it has translated into me taking up projects that test the boundaries of conventional thoughts/methods – allowing me to explore insights, knowledge, wisdom that may yield more exciting ways for people to experience the world.  It also allows me on a personal level to challenge my own beliefs and expand my perception of life.  All of this coincides with a deepening of my spiritual connection that has significantly raised my awareness in the last couple of months. ...keep reading

The Power Of Dragonfly

10 Jun
June 10, 2009

I am sitting by the rooftop pool in a hotel and watching a dragonfly trapped behind a glass wall.  Its wings are crimson and they reflect an iridescent shimmer as it flies.  I marvel at how powerfully the spirits are communicating with me today as I have come here with the intention to write about the symbolism of dragonfly, its significance in my life, and how it represents my work today.

When I was a kid, I loved being among nature.  I loved playing in the gardens – finding cool, shaded spots among bougainvillea shrubs and creating sanctuaries for myself.  I was a natural witch, spending lots of time collecting ingredients from various parts of plants, slicing up little roots, picking flower petals, extracting juices from leaves – and I’d pretend to make potions on a crudely assembled altar in the garden.  I was happiest when I was in nature – feeling an easy flow with the elements and an innate understanding of how energy worked. ...keep reading

The Power Of Eland

01 Sep
September 1, 2008

Recently, I’ve been getting strong visions of an eland.  I am brought back to the first time I saw one in Kenya last December.  While driving around a friend’s plot of land, I noticed an eland from afar, and was strangely touched by the way it seemed to be looking straight at me.  Although it stood too far for me to see, I felt the strange power in its eyes – sweet, gentle, kind but imbued with a grounded strength and the wisdom of an old soul.

Something in that encounter captured my soul, as if the magnificent and almost mythological creature had something to communicate to me.  Yet it had remained unexplored until now when I’m called to listen intently to it.  In my dreams, it shows itself – an elegant, self-assured being with words of wisdom to impart.  Its eyes speak volumes and depths, such that no verbal sounds are necessary.  In my waking moments, I see the eland in my mind, again looking straight at me. ...keep reading