28 Feb

Types of Packages

private soul alignment session with Amyra Mah

Private Soul Alignment Session
90 Minutes

Full private consultation and facilitations to realign with your soul. Gain insights into where your have given your power away, and be guided to reclaim your power so that positive shifts can take place both in your internal state and external circumstances.




power blast energy transmission healing

Power Blast Private Session
45 Minutes
Package of 3 Sessions:  US$650

If you’re feeling stuck, unproductive, or lacking clarity to move forward, this session will give you a quick boost to your system.  A concentrated dose of high vibration energies will be sent to you remotely to break through existing blocks that hinder you from experiencing your highest desires, and realign you with your personal power.  It clears the path before you so there is effortless flow and greater opportunities.  Includes consultation of your situation to ensure energies are directed to the most relevant areas.






turn your life around with Amyra Mah

Turnaround Package
4 X 90 Min Sessions


The Turnaround Package is for you if you wish to improve specific areas or to transform a particular situation.  Consists of four 90 minute Private Soul Alignment Sessions in which you will be led to increasing power, peace, excitement and knowingness of your divine self as you turn your life around.  Includes unlimited email support between sessions and up to two months after the package.




sublime transformational package with Amyra Mah

Sublime Transformation Package
10 X 90 Min Sessions


The Sublime Transformation Package is a 3-month intensive package to transform every aspect of your life.  If you’re looking for a life overhaul or makeover, this package is for you.  Together, we will dive into the deeper levels of your being: the invisible realm of psyche, emotions and soul – to yield true and lasting changes.  You will be closely guided to:

  • Manipulate the template from which you create your reality.
  • Get clear about the nuances of your soul’s calling so that your vision is truly aligned.
  • Esoteric practices to tap into your own abilities for personal healing and transformation.
  • Eradicate conflicting motivations within you.
  • Embrace who you are deep down and cultivate self-love.
  • Utilise your body as a vehicle to transform negativity into power.
  • Heal emotional issues and ‘unfinished businesses’ that get in the way.
  • Retrieve misplaced power from people, places and memories.
  • Examine and overcome your core fear once and for all.

Package includes:
10 X Private Soul Alignment Sessions – scheduled over three months (roughly 3 sessions a month)
Email support between sessions
Follow-up email support for up to three months after the package




Specialist Programmmes

Intensive programmes consisting of 6 to 12 Weekly One-on-One Highly-Personalised Sessions with Deep Soulworker and Addiction Therapist Amyra Mah.

These sessions are focused on intensive work going deep into your psyche, the emotional realm and soul connections for profound, lasting changes. Find out more about these exciting programmes by clicking the images.

intensive programme for healing shame with Amyra Mah

Shame Healing 2

intensive programme to heal addiction with Amyra Mah

intensive programme to heal depression with Amyra Mah

find yourself again with Amyra Mah

6-Month High-Level Coaching & Therapy Package

Please click here to enquire about this package and to schedule a discovery session.