19 Apr

About The Unusual Wisdom Blog

Welcome to the Unusual Wisdom blog.  My mission for this site is to offer guidance and inspiration for those who seek relief from all degrees of inner torment and its many forms of manifestation.

I have created this blog to share my insights, learnings, perceptions and reflections about life as it unfolds in my ongoing spiritual growth.  The overarching theme in these notes is to do life with Total Presence, Power and Passion.  In a nutshell:

Total Presence is living with all our energies anchored in our body as we observe life and express ourselves.  This enables us to be acutely aware of who we are beyond our masks and take steps to reconcile the conflicts between aspects of ourselves.

Total Power is living with a solid connection to our often untapped powers within.  The more we are connected to our power centre, the more we can discover, access and draw from it to create, change, heal, grow.

Total Passion is living with awareness of the abundant life force flowing in our body and by extension our entire being.  This passion make us feel intensely alive, stimulated, expansive and connected to a greater force.  When you practise total Presence and total Power, you naturally flow into total Passion.

The postings are raw presentations of my own material gleaned from my personal experience through life and may not reflect the beliefs/views of the establishments with which I am associated.

How To Know If This Blog Is For You

This blog appeals to the intelligent reader who wants something deeper than cliched self-help advice.

You may already have a high level of self-awareness.  You may be spiritually responsible in your approach to life and have a habit of examining yourself whenever life presents its challenges.  You are constantly looking for new ways to break through another level of your blocks and to becoming the free, inspired, creative, magnificent person you know you are inside.

Or you may have just started to accept this as your truth… or still having a hard time getting your head around this concept.  Perhaps you’ve been seeking answers for a long time, trying to ‘crack the code’ of why you seem to be perpetually stuck in a cycle of struggling – and even though you understand conceptually that you have created the situations you are in, you may lack a clear, full understanding of what that actually means.  You may be thinking, Okay, so I’ve created all this, but where do I go from here?

You’re looking for inspiration and guidance but tired of finding mostly cliched, simplistic advice, or ideas that lean towards being vague and flimsy.

You appreciate new, unconventional ideas.  (I believe there are no real new ideas or concepts, but we may discover a new way of linking pre-existing concepts which creates something new.  What is old then becomes new in the fresh way it is being presented.)

You enjoy playing with provocative views and ideas that go against what is popular and mainstream.

You are willing to read longer blog entries.  You’re hungry for more in-depth writing that trigger deep insights and reflections.

You’re not looking for short-cuts.  You find value in exploring the deep terrains of your psyche, and the spiritual meaning behind the events in your life.

You’re a deep thinker who is seeking:

  • More than just nuggets of inspiration.
  • Original articles that offer deep, intelligent wisdom.
  • Resources that contain unconventional ideas.
  • Spiritual wisdom that is clear, practical and grounded.

Most of my blog posts contain timeless wisdom, so feel free to browse in the Articles page.

I hope you enjoy exploring my site.  If you love what you read here, you will love my free newsletter.

Unusual Wisdom by Amyra Mah