Real Aliveness

Break away from Prolonged Suicide, the unconscious programming you may be under the influence of – to attain a powerful, lasting shift into true joy.




“At first I was afraid. I was petrified…”

Yes, the famous first words of that glorious anthem I WILL SURVIVE by Gloria Gaynor. Why, you ask, have I started like this?

Because when you take this audio course, you will be transformed (as I have been) from merely surviving aka waiting for death, to thriving!

From waking up in the morning with the dread of having to get through yet another day to waking up looking forward to the day.

From being just OK to feeling pulsating energy and warmth and love in your heart.

Out of this course, I discovered one of the major purposes for which I was created and born. It’s exciting!

If you want to feel really alive, take the course REAL ALIVENESS by Amyra Mah/ M Y R A S .

P. J.