• How to Thrive from Crises, Disasters, Bad News and Come Out More Powerful Than Ever

    4 Powerful Doorways that Will Magically Transform Your Situation

    What primarily drives my work as a deep soulworker is a strong desire to help people shift out of a place of pain and suffering.  But whilst I feel compassion towards those in suffering, I do not view problems as a problem.  Not really.  To me, blocks, setbacks, disasters, crises, bad news and unwanted situations contain massive power.  Whether you will emerge from them possessing more power or depleted and reduced, depends on the mindset you hold when confronted by it and what you do in the invisible realm.  This article … Keep reading

  • Environmental Expression: Connecting With Nature Leads To True Spirituality

    For the past ten years or so, on most nights, whenever I shut my eyes to go to sleep, I would get a vision of plants – a forest, a tree or a potted plant.  I would get a zoom-in as the leaves come into sharp focus, before the whole vision fades out, leaving me as perplexed and as clueless about its significance as the night before.

    I’d never really thought of myself as the ‘environmental type’, yet the nightly visions pointed to a certain role I am to play in the environment.  I’m still unsure as to what that … Keep reading