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2024/05/21Peering Through the Filter of Darkness and Anxiety2024-05-21 17:52:53
2024/04/22The Rise Of Divine Feminine Is Happening NOW2024-04-22 09:53:35
2024/03/07Why People Are Driven To Destroy Themselves (Part 2)2024-03-07 12:54:08
2023/06/28Know Your Power, In A Literal Sense2023-06-28 16:35:27
2023/03/24Transmission Phase 2: Lifting Off As Divine Beings2023-03-24 20:37:02
2022/06/29Invoking the ‘Kenyan Power’: A Tribute To My Spiritual Home2022-06-29 09:36:31
2021/12/29Dissolving The Illusion of Powerlessness2021-12-29 10:54:35
2021/08/16Transforming Rejection: How to Use It As A Turning Point in Healing Deep Psychic Wounds2021-08-16 16:05:00
2021/02/07Breaking the Trauma-Abuse Programme, Once and For All2021-02-07 16:41:00
2020/11/15The Eternal Now: How to Tap Into the Space of Timelessness and Free Yourself from the Prison of Time2020-11-15 14:51:00
2020/11/08Deciding Not-To: Stating In The Negative Can Be More Powerful (Breakthrough Manifestation Tool)2020-11-08 16:58:00
2020/11/08Sometimes, Feeling Bad Can Be Good: How to Grow from Regret2020-11-08 16:50:00
2019/08/01How to Thrive from Crises, Disasters, Bad News and Come Out More Powerful Than Ever2019-08-01 23:59:00
2019/07/12Self-Trust: The Magic Of Trusting Yourself2019-07-12 21:36:00
2018/07/12You Are Eternal Spirit2018-07-12 21:33:00
2018/01/09Are You Committing Prolonged Suicide?2018-01-09 18:40:00
2018/01/09The Meaning Of Higher Consciousness: Why Is It Important?2018-01-09 18:21:00
2017/05/04When You Feel You Have Nothing Left2017-05-04 19:02:00
2017/04/28The Power Of Wordless Communication2017-04-28 15:35:00
2017/04/22Is Compassion For Others Overrated?2017-04-22 20:47:00
2016/11/26How To Get Unstuck NOW By Tapping Into Your Spiritual Truth2016-11-26 19:18:00
2016/10/20Are You Addicted To Worry, Not-Having and Other Negative States?2016-10-20 22:14:00
2016/10/203 Mindset Shifts You Can Implement Right Away To Transform Your Life2016-10-20 21:20:00
2015/11/19Healing The Deep Insecurity That Creates Loneliness2015-11-19 19:37:00
2015/10/21Are You Ready For The Next Level Of Healing?2015-10-21 22:31:00
2015/09/16When Everything Seems to Go Wrong… It is Powerful!2015-09-16 19:25:00
2015/06/08What To Do When Nothing Is Showing Up2015-06-08 20:07:00
2015/02/25Why Getting Started Before You Can “Afford” To Can Bring In The Magic2015-02-25 16:48:00
2014/11/21Arresting The Cycle: How You Can Take Your Power Back And Avert Crisis2014-11-21 17:47:00
2014/08/25Tony Robbins Is Wrong: Why Taking Action Is NOT The Most Powerful Way To Shape Your Life2014-08-25 16:13:00
2014/07/18Fear Of Success: Are You Sabotaging Your Success?2014-07-18 16:50:00
2014/06/17Channeling Creativity from Endings, Losses and Disappointments2014-06-17 19:38:00
2013/09/3020 Ways To Renew Yourself2013-09-30 18:25:00
2013/09/20When Failure Is Success2013-09-20 14:53:00
2013/09/18Book Review: Tiny Buddha’s Guide To Loving Yourself2013-09-18 18:56:00
2013/09/10The Enormous Power Of Forgiveness2013-09-10 12:48:00
2013/08/26The Gift Of Rebirth2013-08-26 19:33:00
2013/07/15The Power Of Naming Your Fears2013-07-15 22:38:00
2013/03/14How To Let Go Of Being Wronged – Finally2013-03-14 16:38:00
2012/12/24The Day When Suffering Stopped2012-12-24 21:22:00
2012/08/28Why Law Of Attraction Is So Yesterday2012-08-28 15:24:00
2012/03/24Elephant Medicine: Healing My Relationship With The World2012-03-24 20:18:00
2012/01/24How Failure Can Lead You To What Your Soul Yearns2012-01-24 17:02:00
2011/12/11Are You Afraid To Step Out And Do Your Thing?2011-12-11 15:53:00
2011/09/07How To Be Free And Spontaneous – Without Hurting Yourself2011-09-07 17:11:00
2011/08/24Addiction For Human Drama: Are You Addicted to Stress, Anxiety and Dramas?2011-08-24 16:36:00
2011/08/18Superwoman Under Stress: How to Overcome Over-Responsibility and Guilt2011-08-18 16:26:00
2011/04/24Lying In The Bed You Made2011-04-24 15:31:00
2010/11/29Become Your Ultimate Self2010-11-29 20:58:00
2010/11/29The Twisted Side Of Things2010-11-29 08:30:00
2010/09/30Why We Stay In Abusive Situations2010-09-30 17:28:00
2010/06/16Unleashing Creativity Without Using Drugs2010-06-16 13:24:00
2010/04/12“Accept The Unacceptable”2010-04-12 22:38:00
2010/03/18Why People Are Driven To Destroy Themselves2010-03-18 22:01:00
2010/01/25Simplicity Is The Way To Go2010-01-25 17:47:00
2010/01/12Spiritual Beauty In Vastness2010-01-12 19:32:00
2009/12/02Do Not Be Perplexed…. Be In Awe2009-12-02 18:42:00
2009/10/23A Tribute To Personal Freedom2009-10-23 22:24:00
2009/10/08The Power Of Saying “I Have Decided!”2009-10-08 00:28:00
2009/09/25Trust Your Intuiton, Flow With It2009-09-25 19:08:00
2009/09/10How Good Can You Stand?2009-09-10 18:16:00
2009/07/15Mission: Spiritual Joy At Every Moment2009-07-15 01:01:00
2009/07/06Strange Is Good2009-07-06 00:57:00
2009/06/10The Power Of Dragonfly2009-06-10 00:32:00
2009/05/22Diving Into The Inspiration Of Dream-Following2009-05-22 13:16:00
2009/05/20Being Honest About Your True Feelings2009-05-20 13:03:00
2009/04/28Focusing On Good Things2009-04-28 15:25:00
2009/04/16Growing Through The Guidance Of Others2009-04-16 20:29:00
2009/03/21Lessons On Fear From Bug-Eating2009-03-21 19:52:00
2009/01/22A Symbol Of Healing2009-01-22 17:10:00
2009/01/17Making Meaning Out Of Life2009-01-17 19:42:00
2008/12/28The Transformational Effects Of Remorse2008-12-28 14:55:00
2008/10/18Boredom: A Golden Door Or Block?2008-10-18 14:35:00
2008/09/04Celebrating The Spirit Of Humanity2008-09-04 22:23:00
2008/09/01The Power Of Eland2008-09-01 15:20:00
2008/09/01Adjusting To Light2008-09-01 15:12:00
2008/08/25The Roadmap To Inner Peace2008-08-25 23:39:00
2008/08/22Relaxing The Ego To Make Empowered Choices2008-08-22 23:13:00
2008/08/13The Perfection Of Imperfection2008-08-13 23:22:00
2008/08/10The Need To Rebel2008-08-10 21:27:00
2008/08/10The Joy Of Doing Meaningful Work2008-08-10 21:11:00
2008/06/15Changing Your State Is A Matter of Choice2008-06-15 17:47:00
2008/05/22Three Inspiring Messages2008-05-22 14:42:00
2008/05/03Healing Your Relationship With Food2008-05-03 14:36:00
2008/04/28Environmental Expression: Connecting With Nature Leads To True Spirituality2008-04-28 14:52:00
2008/04/17Trancing Out Into The Joy Of You2008-04-17 14:30:00
2008/04/05New Home: Lessons About Moving Forward With Change2008-04-05 15:15:00
2008/04/02Finding The Gift In An Illness2008-04-02 22:51:00
2008/04/01The Anti-Beauty Day2008-04-01 22:22:00
2008/04/01Reconciling The Tension Of Temptation2008-04-01 22:07:00
2008/04/01I Dream Of Spiders2008-04-01 21:45:00
2008/04/01“Something About Your Face …”2008-04-01 12:26:00