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when nothing is showing up by amyra mah

What To Do When Nothing Is Showing Up

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Are you in one of those phases when you’ve been waiting for some changes but nothing seems to be happening?  As far as you know, you’ve done all the right things, according to what you know about the laws of manifestation.  You feel you’ve done everything that you’ve been taught – you’ve trusted, surrendered, taken inspired actions, etc. – yet nothing is showing up.

You’ve even tried doing nothing.  You’ve tried sitting in the void, but the void can be a bitch when all you get is pain or emptiness.  What else is there to do?

#1  Do something creative.

When you’re waiting for something in your life to shift – the healing of your body, that relationship you’re pining for, the money you desperately need – do something creative in that space instead.  Often, when the thing you’re waiting to happen isn’t happening, you’re being called to reconnect with yourself, to bring out more of who you really are – and this space has been created to facilitate that calling.

That’s why the less your creative activity has to do with the thing you’re waiting to happen, the better it is.  Everything is connected to one another anyway; when you get strong, solid and clear in one area of your life, it will no doubt have an influence on this thing that you want.  But to get there, you need to separate your energy from it at this time, recognising that you have ultimately created this space for something separate to be created.  Even if you don’t know exactly what that is, and how it all fits together, you’re being called to follow your creative instincts and trust in the larger picture of it.

We are always driven by our souls to remember our true power – our full capacity as human beings – and to reconnect with who we truly are.  In our normal awareness, governed by ego, we tend to think we know it all, but actually we only know a very small part of all there is to know.  When you decide to trust in the greater organisational force that knows better – a force which you are very much a part of – a larger part of it can then be revealed to you.

#2  Be truly happy in this space.   

In this space where nothing seems to be happening, work towards being truly happy.  Being happy before you get this thing.  Being happy without getting this thing.

But it is not about pretending to be happy.  This is where a lot of people get it wrong – it’s not about faking it til you make it.  If you’re just faking it, you’d only be demonstrating that you haven’t grown.

It’s about noticing and being honest about your disbelief and resentment while you’re attempting to stay trustful – and working through those blocks.  This kind of work can heal you of your deep insecurity [Read ‘Healing the Deep Insecurity That Creates Loneliness] and liberate you to feel more free within yourself.

The way to move through your blocks, in many cases, is to let go of the old energy – be it an old pattern, habit, mindset or story.  It is usually our holding-on that causes pain and discomfort.  Once you allow your grip to be released of the old, a new energy will flow in, bringing in all kinds of new hopes, opportunities and blessings.  You may, however, experience a temporary discomfort right after the letting-go of an old energy; this discomfort is simply the old energy moving out through you.  You could just gently remind yourself of this and let it pass through you.  If you stay here without retreating to your old comfort zone, you’ll likely wake up with a new sense of freedom and happiness.

#3  Go beyond fear, into possibilities.    

Fear can be a positive motivator; it can drive us to go beyond our limitations.  But let’s face it: most of the time, we use fear negatively, to stop us from being all that we can be.  One of the gifts of being in a space where nothing seems to be happening is the opportunity to see through the illusion of fear, so that it no longer compromises your success and happiness.

Any fear that you experience while in this space of nothingness is an invitation for you to see beyond the apparent story you’re telling yourself about it.  What is the story you’re telling about this fear?  If it’s money you’re waiting to show up, your story might be, “I’m going to run out of money and then I won’t be able to pay my rent and I’ll be homeless.”  If you’re dealing with a  health issue, you might keep repeating the story, “I’m going to end up helpless and dependent on others.”  If you’ve been waiting for a relationship to heal, the story you’re prone to telling might be, “I’ll be alone and unhappy for the rest of my life.”

These stories already existed way before whatever triggered this ‘waiting period’.  Therefore, you can utilise this space to break through an automatic way you have learnt to respond to certain kinds of situation.  Firstly, by becoming fully conscious of it.  Secondly, by expanding yourself beyond this fear-driven story and seeing other possibilities of assigning meaning to the situation.

Usually, we’ve locked in the story so hard that we have a lot of resistance to pulling ourselves away from it.  Imagine gently coaxing yourself to release your grip and consider, “What if, this is not the only way to label this situation?”  Expand your mind beyond the boundaries of the fear-driven story.

#4  It’s not really nothing.

You’re not seeing anything because you’re not really looking – not beyond the apparent nothingness.  Most of us are so used to filling up any space with chatter, noise, entertainment and digital overload that we don’t know how to handle just space and silence.  We’ve lost our natural ability to sense the invisible.  As a result, we learned not to trust in the unseen, labelling it as bleak, lonely, heavy, etc.

Your labelling of it makes it so, and thus, your mind has closed off any other possibility to what that space could be.  But imagine you are looking for movements of energy within this space – the seeds of potentiality.

You are on the cusp of infinite possibilities.  It is a powerful place, a point of power.  Mentally see the potential of what can arise out of this space – like a powerful goddess rising from the depth of the ocean, blessing you with a miracle, a delightful outcome.  But it can only come if you didn’t close the door to this possibility by imagining only fearful outcomes.  Stay open and fluid to encourage miracles.

#5  Listen to divine messages.

When nothing seems to be happening, it is also the best space to hear divine messages and receive guidance from your soul.  There may be something that your soul and unseen helpers want you to know, and it could be this very reason that you’ve found yourself in this space.  It stands to reason then that when you have heard the message, things will start moving again in your physical world.

Or it may be intended to help you to start honouring the divine more in general and reconnect with the sacred part of yourself.

#6  Opportunity to let go of self-sabotage. 

Perhaps there’s a self-sabotage agenda in you that needs to be exposed and let go of.  But the parting of fog that needs to take place to enable you to see this agenda clearly can only take place in emptiness -devoid of the usual noise and distractions.  Like a blank screen as your background so that you can clearly see the true agenda you’ve been operating from, i.e. a deeper drive in you to avoid playing bigger in life.  Consider how true this might be for you.

That which you are complaining about, waiting for the solution to come – is it just a convenient story you have adopted to block your path to Greatness?  If so, you could shift the balance of power by deciding you’re not going to use it as your story again.

At the end of the day, that space when nothing seems to be happening, when nothing positive seems to be coming forth – is an invitation to find yourself and love yourself better.  Until you do this, that which you’re hoping to come forth will never show up.  It is not a punishment system, where you’re made to do certain things before you’re granted a reward.  Rather, it is a loving process, for your Soul knows that for you to be truly happy you must find yourself first.  Otherwise, you would be depending on another person or thing to make you feel whole.  That wholeness must come from within you.

As this imbalance is corrected within you, a new stream of energy can flow towards you in the form of the most miraculous blessings and opportunities that you could never have imagined.

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  1. you are so right
    especially in number 1
    as Einstein said insanity is doing the same thing over and over then expecting new results
    thanks for your post: )

  2. Thank you so much for this article. It does clarify a lot about the space I am currently in – which feels very frustrating and uncomfortable. Your insights help me to let go and cherish this space instead of trying to find ways to change the situation or question it.
    Love, Nicole

    1. Glad to hear, Nicole. May many more wonderful gifts be revealed to you as you stay and appreciate being in this space – the source of magic and miracles.

      Love and Blessings,

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