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why getting started before you can afford to brings in the magic by amyra mah

Why Getting Started Before You Can “Afford” To Can Bring In The Magic

Personal Power, Self-Actualisation

Here’s a scenario I often see:

You have a creative project that you’ve been ‘sitting on’.  The project may be writing a book, creating a business out of a cool idea, travelling to a place that particularly draws you, going back to school to study something you love, or learning a creative art form.  You love the idea of the lifestyle you imagine you’re able to have once you have embarked on this project.  But you think you need to achieve certain financial goals before you can afford to do it.  Years go by while you tell yourself that you need to wait until you have more money, saved enough money, win the lottery… and instead of moving closer to actualisation, the project increasingly becomes a mere fantasy.

You can dress it any way you want.  But the truth is, you are stuck in the ugly cycle of procrastination.  Years and decades can go by while you grow more resentful and bitter of yourself, of life, and of other people’s successes.  To cope with these unpleasant feelings, you take it out on your family, blame it on the world, the economy, your boss…  And the gap between where you want to be and where you are, widens.

There is a remedy that is so simple and instantly brings results that it astounds me why so few people are on to it and practise it.

This remedy, which will shift things quicker than working on increasing your external resources, is to get started as though you already have the resources.

From the perspective of reality creation, the resources you think you need are already here anyway since there are multiple versions of reality co-existing simultaneously but only one is visible at any time.  The version of reality in which you already have the resources you think you need cannot show itself until you behave in ways that align with that reality.  Thus, if you’re behaving as though you can’t afford to dive into the project yet, then the reality you are in will be fixed in place.  But if you dive in as though you can afford to, then your reality will shift to reflect your new mindset.

To be clear, I don’t mean to visualise yourself getting started but to actually start doing the project.  Before you think you can afford to.  There is one good reason why:

Magic happens when you stop waiting for the right time and get started NOW.   

To explain how it happens, let’s pull apart some of our typical excuse-finding behaviours.

Excuse-Finding Behaviour #1: Being Realistic

You may have a logical reason for why you can’t start your project yet, and it would seem rational.  Still, it is just an excuse.  Being rational is not rational as far as dream-actualising goes.

This excuse often masks a fear: What if you start the project and you don’t make it?

So if you dream of becoming a writer, what if you tried and then find out you’re not cut out to be one?  What if you enrol in an art course but discover you don’t have the talents to be a good artist?  What if you give up your career only to fail in your new business?  What if you quit your job to travel only to come to a dead-end and be no more enlightened about the meaning of life?

Thus, you cling on to the “rational” argument to avoid facing the undesirable outcome you fear.  As long as you have yet to embark on your project, you can hold on to the notion that you might have succeeded if you did get on with it, in favour of actually going for it and finding out that you don’t have what it takes to make it.

At first glance, this may seem sensible.  After all, who would want to find out they’re not cut out for their dreams?  But it is far from sensible.

Contrary to what most of us believe, once we embark on our project it’s not like we’ll be faced with “either success or failure”.  So much of our faulty-thinking stems from our mind’s inability to stretch beyond “Outcome A or Outcome B”.  The way life unravels is so much more complex than that.

A truer picture is this:  Once you get started, every step of the way is fluid and changeable.

You move forward.  You come to a block (which is normal and to be expected).  You slow down, allow space, and wait for intuitive guidance to come in.  You act on your insights.  You overcome the block and things are smooth-going until you hit another block.  You keep doing this until you get to where you want to go (or more likely, a magical place you cannot yet imagine).

Every block, challenge and obstacle you encounter on the path of actualising your dream can be overcome.  Not only that, they are gifts and blessings in disguise, whose true value will only be revealed somewhere further down the path as you stay on it.  Furthermore, they often act like strategically placed rocks on a stream to direct water to flow to a specific direction.

Armed with this understanding and attitude, you can dispel the fear that some kind of an inevitable failure is waiting to greet you on the other side of the door and you have no control over it.

Excuse-Finding Behaviour #2: Finishing An Old Project

You may have a sincere intention to complete an existing project – either a project you have already started, or a project you had intended to start way before you got the idea for the current project.

Again, it seems like a logical and sensible plan: Get the tedious stuff out of the way before getting on with a new project.  After all, you don’t want to keep starting and not finishing things.  Oh no, not you.  You know a few people like that and you’re determined not to be one of them.

I believe that if you embark on projects wholeheartedly and do them to the best of your ability, even if you don’t complete them right now, they have a way of coming together eventually which will make sense in the bigger picture.  You would only be perceived as “one of those people” if you’ve locked yourself in a self-beating mode over uncompleted projects.

The idea of needing to finish an old project first is far from sensible.  Where your passion is, is where you will find the drive to go for the finishing line, the inspiration to bring out the best of you, and the connectedness to higher ideas – ensuring the highest product or outcome.

Passion is fuel.  It propels you to big places where you CAN finish all your other tasks, if they are still important.  You may find that the success and energy of the new project make completing the old project redundant.  Or the emergence of a new facet of awareness or fresh insight reveals the true role of those other tasks in the bigger picture.

Passion indicates the project is close to your soul.  All the other tasks that you think you must finish just so you won’t feel bad, they do not contain much energy and thus, will delay the actualisation of the new project since it now hangs on the completion of the other tasks.

Excuse-Finding Behaviour #3: Staying In Comfort Zone

You may be choosing to stay where you are instead of moving forward with your project.  It comes from your unwillingness to take risk, and to remain in your comfort zone.  Comfort zone does not mean it is comfortable but a familiarity in how things feel, even if it is unpleasant.

In your mind, there is perceived sacrifice to leaving your comfort zone.  What is actually an achievable dream eventually gets pushed into the realm of fantasy, to forever be an “it would be nice but…” idea.  What it means is that right now where you are is not where you want to be; you are yearning to be elsewhere but not making a decision to be where you want to be.

I hear it often in the statement, “At least it pays the bills.”  Or a variation of it that refers to the status quo providing some other form of security.  To this, I ask: What are you waiting for?  That it stops paying the bills?

Many people who postpone realising their dreams have exactly this kind of support from their soul when all of a sudden they lose that source of security.  What I’m saying is, if you’re waiting for the thing you’re having trouble leaving to pursue your dream to “stop paying the bills” you will manifest a deterioration of your circumstances.  But you don’t need to wait until you’re forced to take that action; you can proactively and gracefully embark on it now under empowered conditions.  It is less drama, and just easier.

Being in your comfort zone may be strangely comfortable, but you suffer from a dampening of your spirit.  You know when your inner spark is gone.  When your inner spark is gone, you are operating with limited inner resources, and hence, only limited external resources can be made available to you.  But if you move in the direction of where you’re inspired, your perspective of what is possible opens up.  Suddenly, your world seems bigger.  Your life seems to expand, and it has a magical quality.

Excuse-Finding Behaviour #4: Going Against the Soul

There is an intelligence by an unseen force, providing guidance to your next step.  Too often we complain that we don’t have enough clarity for what we need to do.  Yet our soul is always giving us answers, directions and guidance.  If only we stayed quiet enough, we would be able to hear it clearly and succinctly.

All the answers that you need is in you, right now.  And a lot of times, it’s not even that we’re not hearing it; we’re just not listening.  Instead, we make the choice to not follow the guidance which we have received loud and clear.  We may even attempt to dilute the clarity of the message.

So when we have a clear interest in doing or pursuing something, as demonstrated by the passion being manifested, it should be such a clear “where to go next” sign but we hold back from following it.  Why?  Sometimes, there’s a part of us that arrogantly thinks we know better, that we somehow know ourselves better than our soul.

I’m afraid that on this level of perspective, we cannot see the big picture – even though we may be able to sense the existence of a larger picture when we’re connected with our soul.  Our linear brain that thinks in logical progressions of 1-2-3-4-5-etc. cannot see that everything is connected to one another.  Right now, you may not be able to see how doing something can have an effect on something else in your life, but in the highly-sophisticated, complex and fluid universe, every single expression of ourselves creates a kind of domino effect in the whole fabric of our life.  You do not need to understand how it works; just a knowingness of the interconnectedness of things will allow you to trust more freely in the intelligence of an invisible power – hence, opening the way for this power to be demonstrated back to you, by bringing more magic into your life.

What “Getting Started” Actually Means

You may not be clear what it means to “get started”.  Does it mean quitting your job and wholeheartedly pursuing something else without having an adequate amount of money saved up?

If you have a lot of fear around insecurity, then perhaps scaling down your step a notch may make it easier for you.  But some risk needs to be taken – you need to stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone.  You can keep your job provided you begin the process of actualising that which you are passionate about.  If your job does not give you any spare time or energy left to get started with where your passion lies, then you must either quit your job or work out a part-time deal.  It is vital for your health and mental-emotional wellbeing that you honour that passion.

There is one question to honestly ask yourself though: If you can’t muster enough from inside of you right now to get started, under the circumstances you now call unfavourable, what makes you think that you can get started when circumstances are deemed to be favourable?  My point is, perhaps it isn’t so much that your circumstances need to change but your relationship to this project.  If you can’t get started now, you probably won’t either later on (whenever that is).

Getting started does not mean producing perfection or having to generate an income from it right away.  If you want to be a writer, are you writing regularly?  If you want to be an artist, are you painting, drawing, sculpting or whatever your form of art is?  If you dream of travelling, are you checking out flights, hotels and reading books about the country you’re drawn to visit?  If you want to start a business, are you participating in conversations with people in the industry?

If you aren’t, then ask yourself why not and listen to the truthful answer.  Self-awareness is power; once you own up to the truth of where you are, you can make tweaks internally to align with your passion again.

unusual wisdom by amyra mah

  1. Hello,
    I want to say a BIG, Thank You! I just got done reading your message ,and it gave me tears of joy. You’re right, I’ve have been doing a lot of things that I love like writing,art,photos,and starting back up my business.Thinking and waiting for the right time.
    The year of 2007,I was working for a cleaning company,and my hours got cut,from 30 to 15. So, I started my own cleaning business,without too much knowledge or any money. Once I bought business cards,and a magnet for my car. I showed up at my boss’s house,and once his wife saw the magnet sticker on my car.My boss told me if I was gonna be working for him I couldn’t have my own business.
    I was so shocked,I was working for this company for three years,and even cleaned his home,and I never missed any time,and always did a great job.I was so hurt for pouring everything I had into his business,I felt as if I just got stabbed.My boss also gave me one day to decide what I was gonna do.
    Without “ANY” income coming in,I quit my job and started my own business.It grew over the years to where I couldn’t take on anymore.
    So,”YES” you can’t wait for things in your life to get better before you start something up. Because in some peoples lives,things are always happening in their lives.
    I needed to read this ,because that is where I am. I have been working on things ,but pushing it as far as I know I could.Excuses are excuses and that’s just what they are.
    Again,Thank you

    1. This is beautiful and heartfelt. Thank you, Kathy, for sharing – a message of reinforcement of the wisdom of following our passion fully, despite what our rational minds may tell us.

      I can hear the wisdom behind your words and no doubt you will go on to accomplish many more successes. I wish you the greatest in a life filled with love, beauty and magic!

      Love & Blessings,

  2. This paragraph chimed with me.

    ”I believe that if you embark on projects wholeheartedly and do them to the best of your ability, even if you don’t complete them right now, they have a way of coming together eventually which will make sense in the bigger picture”.

    Facing the future is not easy. What you write makes sense, but this road is not usually smooth.
    It’s taking the first step, (as some guy once said about a journey of a thousand miles).

    Make up a folder with your project name on it, make lists, notes and start to fill the folder, then you’ve done it, you’re on the way.

    If you really want to do this thing, you will not be able to stop there, you’ll be refining the notes, talking it through with a friend, and suddenly, it will be a REAL PROJECT, not an unfulfilled idea.

    But you need to be strong.

    Thanks Amyra,

    Joy and strength,


    1. David – I often find that after taking the first step, the rest is pretty easy. It’s as though that release of energy, esp. after a period of sitting on something, has a way of commanding all the forces of the Universe to rally the resources needed to move through the next stage, and so on.

      So I rather think that starting a project GIVES you strength… a burst of energy, a sense of purpose and meaningfulness.

      Thanks for commenting!


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