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the eternal now, power of timelessness by amyra mah

The Eternal Now: How to Tap Into the Space of Timelessness and Free Yourself from the Prison of Time

Healing and Transformation, Personal Power, Self-Actualisation

N.B. This article contains advanced material and should appeal to explorers of human consciousness.  It can be used as a course for expanding consciousness and developing multi-dimensionality.

The concept of timelessness has never been more relevant to our civilisation than now.  In this article, I will expand on this concept, in ways that have never been explained before, and how to use it to take you to the next level of your power.

A few years ago, my beloved teacher in the spirit realm began giving me the teachings about timelessness.  Immediately, time became irrelevant in my everyday life.  I experienced a loss of reference to linear time.  I would keep getting dates wrong; those who knew me knew this was a big departure from my usual meticulous style of doing things.

Whilst it translated to some inconveniences in my practical life, I could feel that I was being liberated from some fundamental construct in our existence that has bound us to a certain prison.  It would be befitting for me to share some of these teachings now.

There is only Now.

You have probably heard it before.

“There is no past or future.”
“Only the present exists.”
“Time is not linear.”
“Time is but an illusion.”

But what exactly does it mean?  Like most spiritual people, you probably want to understand it deeper but struggle to wrap your head around it.  It can be one of the trickiest concepts to get.  To me, it indicates how deeply entrenched we are in the construct of time, so much so that we can’t grasp an alternative truth.

There is another reason why we don’t get it, besides the fact that no one seems to explain it to us well or properly enough.  This one is a self-created block.  When encountering this concept, our immediate reaction is to block ourselves from truly getting it.  We interpret it with judgements like, “I will be irresponsible about life, I won’t meet deadlines, I’ll be a bum/hippy/ungrounded, I won’t be able to make money….”  We project a bunch of negative social implications should we embrace this concept.  Thus it is not so much that you can’t wrap your head around it as you are afraid that you will or do.

All of those judgements/narratives are still made within the construct of linear time.  It’s like trying to see a way out of something while still holding rigidly onto it.  They are the bars that lock you in, so that you never be released from prison.  If we truly released ourselves from the entire construct of time, released out of this prison/Matrix, we will find ourselves in a realm ungoverned by deadlines and schedules but of true magic and possibilities.

In this realm, it would make no sense to say, “I need to get back to my schedule and become a valuable citizen to my society,” because there is no schedule, no externalised identity of being in this industry, from that country or those demographics of society.  Freed from these constraints, and constructs, you return to being the infinite you, existing in the limitless realm of magical possibilities.  Where more is possible, more can be created.  Not only is it very practical, it takes your practical world to new territories where magic and miracles abound.

Time Is Spiral (Not Linear).

There is a concept that may at first appear to contradict timelessness but is in fact part of the timelessness concept.  It seems contradictory because the way it is explained uses the reference of linear time, yet it is non-linear.  Understanding this particular concept can aid one powerfully to get into the space of timelessness.

In 2018, I wrote a channeled article about “prolonged suicide” – how we are all programmed to slowly kill ourselves with the progression of time.  It was then developed into a powerful audio course.  In it, I stated that linear time is a prison.

In the linear time construct, if a moment has gone by, it is gone.  More accurately, it creates the illusion that it is gone.  But that moment is not gone.  Time, according to a more natural course of movement, is spiral.  It curves back in time, to moments we have already lived, before spiraling upward or downward.  Our free-will choices will determine whether we spiral up or down (indicating our soul evolution or devolution respectively).  That is why we don’t remember it, for it would defeat its sacred purpose.

Thus, a moment already lived can be relived, outside of the constraints of linear time, when time spirals back.  This is true freedom that nobody ever talks about.  Armed with knowledge (in some deeper part of our consciousness) of what has already taken place, we can tweak our actions to correct some misalignment or provide support to some moment which is now going to take place in the future.

Therefore, every moment is a chance to live more consciously – with more presence, power and passion.  If you retain the perspective that this is your “second chance” to correct or improve on some action, behaviour or decision in another cycle of time, it imbues your action, behaviour and decision-making with more awareness.  As a reminder, self-growth is about growing in awareness of our being and expressions.  Can you see how embracing this “time is spiral” concept can lead to greater and more accelerated growth?

But a warning.  If this idea gives rise to a line of thought that since you will get another chance you can be less thoughtful this time, it doesn’t work that way.  Using it as an excuse for apathy or carelessness will cancel out any potential soul growth.  The divine order that governs everything including time is a highly intelligent system that precludes the system being manipulated like that.  It may seem to work randomly but is actually governed by a complex, multi-dimensional intelligence that considers free-will choices, pathways, etc.

Here’s why this concept presents a model to get into timelessness.  Seen through its perspective, this moment IS timelessness.  Because of the way each moment keeps being intersected at every point of its axis when time spirals, time is irrelevant.  From this perspective, time cannot run out.  This is the antithesis to addictions, where we keep running to the next moment, and the next, and the next.

It may seem a little abstract and not applicable to practical life, but understanding this concept is actually very practical and helpful for everyday life.  Every moment becomes an opportunity to be more in your power.

Below, I will tie these various concepts about time into a series of practices you can explore and play with, to demonstrate to yourself that time isn’t linear.  Your sincere practices will yield positive practical shifts in your day-to-day.

Exercises to Free Yourself from the Prison of Time

The veil is thin right now.  We can truly experience these metaphysical concepts palpably, instead of just chewing on them intellectually.  If we relax into the possibilities, we will give ourselves evidence of it.  Things that happened a decade ago sometimes feel like they happened only a week ago.  This tells you that linear time is an illusion.  The distance of memories does not always correlate with the length of time passed.  No doubt, memories can be more vivid or faint depending on our emotional intensity and other variables.  But that is just a way for our personality mind to explain it and make sense of it.  Our experience is what informs us of the truth, no matter how we spin the story around it.

1. “Running out of time” syndrome.

When dealing with deadlines and timelines, stay in the present.  Now is the only moment that has any real power.  So many limitations are created out of the concept of linear time.  But when you come back to this current moment, you stand to experience boundless magic.

In the timelessness model, all magic and possibilities exist in the present moment.  This is because you can only create anything out of this moment.

What that means is, as long as you stay here-and-now with both feet in – rather than one foot in, one foot out – you stand to access more gifts and resources out of this moment.

2. Stop giving power to past-present-future.

In this social media age where everything happens so fast, we are conditioned to filter out what’s “old” as if it is irrelevant to our today, even if that was only in the recent past.  Like an out-of-control addiction, we become enslaved to what’s “trending”.  It’s a society that, more than ever, decides we are uncool unless we are trending with the times.  A society that has no patience for anything other than now- now-now.  Sadly, it contributes to the loss of depth in cultures, leading to a disconnection from some deeper, beautiful layers of our psyche-spirit.

This mechanical censoring and filtering of data has turned us into a race gone insane: a phones and pads flicking obsessed race.  The artificialisation of ourselves through the world of “social media influencers” further carries this loss of depth and disconnection to the extreme.

So much so that only by retreating back to our inner core, away from our devices, for just a moment, can we see things with a sane perspective.  Actually, it is only from this sane perspective will you be able to truly absorb the material in this article.

Instead of filtering out certain things based on whether they are current or not, imagine how much more beauty and magic we could allow if we removed the filter of time.  Do you find yourself dismissing a YouTube video because it was posted in 2018 and not “43 minutes ago”?  A photograph taken of you some years ago is still relevant, if you come from timelessness.  Rather than seeing it as an old photo, see it as timeless.  In today’s culture, the tendency is to dismiss it as irrelevant by passing judgements such as, “This version of me is over, the me today is different.”  But in the model of timelessness, it is not over.  That person is still you today, still alive and active, perceiving life through another angle of conscious perception.  Knowing this, your being today is more full and whole – which translates to more resources you can access.

3. Experience the dissolvement of problems.

It is ‘timely’ to elevate our understanding of timelessness right now.  This time of big change that we are in, is zero point.  The space of neutrality.  The Space of Infinite Possibilities.  The realm of Magical Possibilities.  All is possible, right now, in this Change.  It is truly new; with no reference to the past or what has been done before.

It is, in essence, an exaggerated reflection, a grand metaphor, for what existence has always been: That every moment is a point of change.  We are in the space of infinite possibilities, but some of us give power to the feared and dreaded, and hence, reinforcing the unwanted.  But the truth has always been that there is magical possibilities available at every moment.  Linear time takes you out of this truth.

The Timeless Now… it is your portal to a new world, a new reality.  Go beyond the construct of time, and be released from constraints, freed from shackles.

In this global standstill of 2020, there is a delicious stillness, deep within the sacred silence.  If you listen, you will hear the heartbeats in the void of creativity, and pure life-force gushing forth.

Staying in this place of void, you can experience your external problems ceasing to exist (and allowing a chance for the pieces in reality to shift, yielding a different outcome).  The illusion of sickness melts away.  A horrifying turn of events is challenged as to its finality.  A reset can take place on many levels.

When your eyes are closed, shutting out the stimuli of external maya, can you really know any of it is real?  In this delicious realm, it is only you and the expanse of your being.  Here, you can create whole new worlds.  Unlimited projections of your consciousness.

Sure, we still exist in a physical world.  But that physical world can be so much more expansive, kind and beautiful.

N.B.  The methods I am sharing in this article, like everything else I teach, are not just a reframing of perspective to make you feel better but actually changes your reality.  Nor are they a replacing type of method where shifts are superficial.  It is a profound level of transformation.

4. Letting go of the reference of time.

When you give in to linear time, your problems exist.  Think of any problem, and it will apply.  As an example, if you’ve been given a medical prognosis that you only have three months to live, you make it your reality by buying into the illusion of linear time.  This problem only exists because of the reference of time.  Using another health example, say you have a chronic illness.  It is a sickness only because it has been however long it has been.  But if you come back to timelessness, where there is no reference to past or future, that same problem literally does not exist.

Without the reference of time, problems melt away.  What is accessible to you is new possibilities.  Freed from the prison of linear time, your problems cease to exist.  Whereas before there was illness, now new health is possible.

Arrest linear time.  Existence is one perpetual moment.  Stay here long enough that you open up to its magic.  The Eternal Now is a portal to magic and miracles.  In the absence of problems when not operating in linear time, you are able to rest deeply.  Force the arrest of linear time in your consciousness.  When you do, you will start to experience more frequently phenomena such as “time is spiral” and déjà vu.

5. Challenge the When.

Close your eyes and turn into your inner space.  What year is it?  You could say, it is whatever-the-current-date-is.  But how do you know, with absolute truth, that you are here (wherever you think you are), and not someplace else?  You could be in this perceived current reality, or any moment in time from your memory.

Right now, with my eyes closed, I could be in 2014, still living in my magical house in Chiang Mai, sitting in meditation on my soft green cushions in my living room, a nightly ritual before going to bed, with my priorities and dreams back then.  Or in 1999 during a trip to Gibraltar when looking across the ocean I saw the continent of Africa for the first time, feeling its majestic power travelling into my soul, igniting a deep remembrance and yearning I couldn’t fathom (but totally makes sense from the perspective of “time is spiral”).  Or in another star system, in a body that is considered extraterrestrial from our perspective, and all my memories are just a snapshot of human life taken by a curious being as a form of entertainment.

6. Everything has already happened.

When we dream, is it just our brains firing out random signals from our daily inputs?  Or have we entered into another dimension, timeline and reality as we cross over the threshold of sleep?

I am inclined to believe the latter.  When we dream, we may have stumbled into a realm that contains a whole limitless resource of events, memories, knowledge – giving us a mere glimpse of its vast content, and hence, access to limitless resources.

Everything that will happen and can possibly happen has already happened.  Our current perspective is but one angle of perception of the entire Existence.

It is all already done.  Knowing this can aid any dream and vision you have to be actualised in an easy and beautiful way.  Instead of trying to force something you want to happen, you’re able to ease any obsessive attachment to wanting it which taints it of toxicity, resulting in misaligned creations.  Instead, space is created around it, as you allow for the highest form of manifestation.

How to Get Into the Space of Timelessness

Many are experiencing the world to be churning at this time.  How do you navigate in a sea of uncertainties?  Getting into the space of timelessness will pull you back to that pure voice of truth within and the accompanying peace.

Retreat into your inner world.  You can try this method of “pushing out”.  Imagine you are pushing with both hands against the inner walls of your internal world, causing you to move backwards, and deeper inward into the vast, infinite space within.  Your physical space may be limited by the size of your body, but your spiritual space is infinite.

Stay here, for as long as you can.  Here, no time will have passed.  It is the Sacred Oneness.  The beginning and the end.  The one and all.  The Alpha and the Omega.  The void of creation.  The everything.  The field of all possibilities.

These are, however, just labels.  In truth, it is beyond being labelled, beyond the limitations of language.  It is the only thing that is real.  All else is illusion, ultimately.

This is the Eternal Now.  Where there is no linear progression.  It is not a line upon which you are a dot.  It is all pervasive, all at once, across all dimensions yet without dimensions.  It is.  Existence.  Now.

You hold yourself in this ‘space’ internally, while going about your daily life.  Outside, you are still relating to your world as it is, but inside you are holding another – a higher – perspective.  A knowing.  This instantly elevates you to a more powerful position.  Where problems aren’t so threatening, magic exists, panic about time running out dissolves.  Eventually, you return to being Master of your Universe.  Not in an egoistical way but a truly profound way, one that comes from knowing the truth.

As you move through this process, you will begin to truly experience the world as “time is spiral” instead of “time is linear”.  Your reality will demonstrate it to you.

unusual wisdom by amyra mah

  1. Thank you…. you are able to write down in words what I have been expiriencing the last months. I was playing with time like a child, not of this world. I only shared it with my children.
    I feel the truth in your words and it resonates with me. And ohh yess, I also had the experience to relive and attract bad things over and over again. Now it’s the opposite… like magic. I feel deeply connected to the whole universe and everything around me is like covered with deep love. Don’t know how to describe it. Again Amyra thank you for your insights and thoughts. Much much love for you xx

  2. Wonderful, Corina. I love your report about your own experiences with Timelessness. The veil is so thin right now, and we are epically ascending to higher dimensions. It is so cool and wild and magical, as reality demonstrates how malleable it truly is in a beautiful way.

    “I feel deeply connected to the whole universe and everything around me is like covered with deep love”
    Yes! You describe it very well. This is the Eternal Now. When we release ourselves from the hold of linear time, we access this delicious space.

    May you be filled with more and more magic.

    Love and Blessings,

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