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Invoking the ‘Kenyan Power’: A Tribute To My Spiritual Home

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I first came to Kenya in 2007.  A few weeks after my arrival, the country fell into a chaotic bloodbath as the tribalistic post-election violence tore into the people.  I watched helplessly, a little wide-eyed, at the events which left a shudder in my spirit.  Not because it was a terrifying thing to be caught in (which it was) but the strange contradiction I saw unfolded.  There was unmistakably an extraordinary power in the land, and these primal aggressions did not match it. 

That power remained in my soul, deep and poignant.  It would keep calling me back again and again.  Something touched me on that trip.  A kind of shamanic initiation – a trial by fire – which eventually led me to my deeper calling:  To help heal the land and people of Kenya. 

I was living in Thailand then, and my soul ached to be on this land.  I felt the pull of its magnificent soil, the palpable spirit within it, from afar the heartbeat of the land so audible to my inner ear. 

At the time, I lived in a magical house in Northern Thailand, a serene base for my soul work, teeming with spiritual elements.  One day, the Tree Spirit said, “Consider it a sacred passage, you going to Kenya.”  After I embraced it into my heart, I began to receive more messages from deep in the ground.  The way I had found this house was as if it had rather found me.  There was a flat-topped tree I could see at the far distance from my verandah that reminded me of Africa.  As I rested into the land there, I realised it was connecting me to the land in Kenya.  Hence, the land gave me knowledge about my higher purpose in Kenya.  It held me, as Spirit prepared me for my passage.

Eight years after my initiation, I finally made Kenya my base.  This is home to me.  I have never felt so comfortable and aligned as being here.  Having lived in numerous countries, that is saying something. 

This thing in the land… it is also in the people.  I see this power as the heart and soul of Kenya.  As above, so below.  I call it the ‘Kenyan Power’.  Its potency guarantees it will never, ever be tainted by corruption of any kind.  It will remain pure and pristine forever, silently waiting for their owners to awaken to it. 

“Kenyans are powerful,” I stated to maybe the third person.  She laughed at me. 

I realised that nobody had ever told them they are powerful. 

A few years later, no one laughed.  They looked back at me, their eyes acknowledging this power stirring beneath their belly.  A new concept perhaps, but deeply familiar if they looked there. 

As an outsider, I have the advantage of emotional distance which gives me the wider perspective.  Whilst many Kenyans might be quick to repeat the ingrained stories about being powerless (we are poor, our country has no hope, etc.), I see a different story.  Their power is so close to the surface, it doesn’t take much to ignite.  A light touch is all it takes to unleash previously untapped potentials. 

The issues in this country may be deeply complex and entangled.  But it can be boiled down to one conclusion:

All external conflicts arise because we have yet to discover our own power within. 

As Kenya prepares to face its third general elections since 2007, the voice of the land’s spirit speaks loudly to those who will listen:  It is time to truly awaken and rise in your Illuminance. 

For those who will embark on this course, there is massive support from Spirit.    


A Question of Power

There is a template within the Kenyan consciousness that begs to be transformed.  I am powerless. 

I want to shout, “No!  You are so very powerful.” 

Look!  Look within you.  It is hidden in plain sight. 

Kenyans are powerful because the veil hiding their power is thin.  Whenever I show Kenyans their power, they run with it and I see their lives transforming magically.  It shows that their innate powers are very close to their skins. 

The concept of power is often misunderstood.  True power is not forceful, controlling, egoistical or manipulative.  That is false power.  False, because in an instant it can be removed from us and our illusory power is gone. 

True power, on the other hand, has nothing to do with anything outside.  It is an inside job, and our wellspring is within us.  This power is ‘true’ because when nurtured and harnessed, we need not be swayed by external circumstances.  Instead of assigning power to external forces and becoming helpless individuals at the mercy of them, we draw back our energy to focus on nurturing what lies within. 

Most of the time, we do not stay focused within long enough for our powers to reveal themselves to us.  Choosing not to stay still and silent is a major hindrance to discovering our true powers. 

Another block to us seeing our power is by repeating certain narratives that reinforce this template of powerlessness. 

The Call to Transform Powerlessness

In my work with trauma-healing, I know that there is a stage in the healing process whereby our victimhood needs to be validated.  No excuse-making for our abusers, no self-blaming.  Settle into this space of acknowledging the wrongdoings against us and how it has led to our trauma.  If we skip this stage and go straight to working on forgiving another, we will not heal properly. 

Process this internally, or with a trusted confidante or supportive network, without necessarily lashing out destructively. 

But at some point, we must move forward from this stage and elevate ourselves out of victimhood.  We all have that one friend who can’t stop whinging about the injustices perpetrated against them.  They are stuck in their trauma and cannot advance to a stage of liberation because they are simply repeating the narrative of injustice and thereby entrenching their powerlessness for years and decades to come. 

A stubborn insistence that our abusers must right the wrong somehow before we can give up this path, is a sure way of staying in a powerless position.  There is an intelligence beyond our limited minds that ensures the righting of wrongs according to the highest good of all.  As you heal, trust that it is in the hands of the most supreme powers. 

Instead of waiting for that justice to come from outside, you can Decide to stop, reverse this track and Rise to another level.  A level that allows you to see that you are more powerful than you’ve ever dared imagine. 


If reading the above arouses contempt and a desire to rebut what I’m saying, right here is an opportunity for healing and liberation. 

This article is embedded with healing transmissions

I invite you to relax that contraction.  Slow down your breath for a moment.  Just one or two breaths.  Allow spaciousness to arise. 

This space you are allowing, is the sacred void enabling something new and different to flow in.  You may be feeling uncomfortable; that is fine.  This state of vulnerability is actually part of your impending transformation.  As you read this, you are receiving healing transmissions. 

Whatever is blocking you from rising in your true power is beginning to dissolve, as the transmissions touch those parts of you that are in fear and lack, bringing them back to a state of divine perfection and wholeness. 


Mara Beauty

Quiet Power: The Key to End All Conflicts

At the end of the day, conflicts and war are driven from a place of powerlessness.  Anything that is contrary to love and benevolence – robbery, theft, brutality, pillaging, lies, deceptions, hurting others – are symptoms of a lack of true power within. 

When every individual connects with their own inner powers, it is the end of conflicts.  I call it “quiet power”. 

There is no need to grab resources from others, and cause pain and suffering.  No need.  I state that not as a moral opinion but a higher truth. 

You are not looking at the right place.  Look inward.  Stay here long enough to see the wealth of riches superior to what money, status, titles, accolades, external validations and admirations can give you. 

And you have come home to knowing yourself as a divine being.  You have woken up from the dream of being powerless. 

Check out my project to send a Transmission to all levels of society in Kenya, to awaken the power I write about in this article.  Get your own Transmission, wherever you are geographically.

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