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rise of divine feminine by amyra mah

The Rise Of Divine Feminine Is Happening NOW

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N.B. The reference to feminine in this article is non gender-specific. 

I don’t know if you see what I’m seeing in the world today.  The system is tightening up its control.  Wherever we turn to, the powers-that-be are putting in more restrictions to how we live, how we behave, the choices we have – to force us into a cage.  If you sense into it, there is an anger and vindictiveness behind it.  It feels harsh and punitive, as opposed to the restrictions that come after careful considerations of many factors leading to a balanced conclusion.  There is also fear. 

Fear is what’s really driving this control.  For the system is collapsing right before our eyes, and paving the way for a new paradigm, one that some of us spiritual seekers have anticipated for a while.  This apparent increase in control is merely a sign that they have lost control, as when one is drowning the desperation for air can make one violent in attempting to reach that goal.  Look closer and you will see a certain sloppiness and haphazardness that indicate these are desperate measures. 

To me, what is occurring right now is the rise of the divine feminine taking place.  It is no longer just a concept, a nice idea, an idealistic, fantastical notion to offer hope to a civilisation that has been left disillusioned by a long history of corruption and greed.  It is happening NOW. 

Sign #1: Lies Exposed, Truth Revealed

We are at a point where the lies that have been erected to deceive us about the truth of humanity cannot be kept alive anymore.  Across all sectors, we are witnessing falsehood and deceptions being exposed for what they are.  This is the number one evidence that the 3D illusory world for which the system serves to maintain is breaking down. 

Truth is a powerful force that will always be revealed in the end.  No matter how much we try to hide it, like a heat-seeing missile, truth will find its way out of suppression, repression and oppression.  We may not be able to dictate when it will come out but rest assured at the right moment – the divine time – it will. 

Sign #2: Changes in What We Crave to Consume

In the past ten years, we have seen an exponential increase in the amount of content that are available online and digitally.  Along with this new availability and accessibility, our habits of consuming content have changed.  We no longer have the patience to read anything beyond bullet points or watch anything longer than Shorts. 

These shifts in behaviour correlate to more alarming changes in who we are.  As a result of an even faster paced society, humanity has been stripped of certain values and attributes that make us uniquely beautiful and powerful.  One of these is the loss of human connection. 

I see the trend of consuming quick content to be exactly what it is: a trend, a phase.  Since the pendulum is swinging the other way, I see people craving for more comforting content.  We are no longer satisfied by fast edits, dramatic transitions, loud sound effects – all to cater to a dumbed-down, over-stimulated, attention-deficit population with no tolerance for anything grounded and long-term.  Effectively, we have become robotic, our consciousness transitioning to that of the AI. 

But this imbalance is innately being corrected from inside out, an instinctual response to restore ourselves to our divine blueprint.  Instead of stress-inducing we are gravitating to more calming, soothing, wholesome content.  We’re finding it nourishing to watch a longer video or read a long-form blog post.  Just scanning quotes on your Instagram feed does not feed your soul anymore, as you find yourself scrolling down hoping to read longer captions.  You might observe that you’re drawn to slower scenes that linger on elements that evoke our fundamental qualities such as kindness, empathy and relaxation. 

Sign #3: A Collective Uprising

I see a collective uprising taking place.  Women are banding together – not in a harsh way, not even in a consciously-decisive way, but in a way that is guided and natural.  By some means or another, we find ourselves in a place together, and somehow it becomes obvious that the gathering is meant-to-be, on a higher level.  We may have an inherent sense of the potency of feminine powers having something to do with it.

Perhaps you have a knowing that you were simply pulled towards what nurtures you and others.  That you were nudged from a deep soul yearning to restore something that has become misaligned. 

This is very different from the tough feminist movement where in overcompensating we ended up diluting our femininity.  By contrast, the divine feminine arising now preserves the true powers of the feminine; it will reveal the power of some of the aspects we were told are weaknesses. 

Sign #4: Exhausted By A System of Rigidity

The old, patriarchal model does not work anymore.  Universally, there is a fatigue from having the essence of life depleted due to the subjugation of its very source: the feminine.  As such, there exists a cosmic yearning to bring to the forefront feminine-based principles.

Heart Vs Mind (Intuition Vs Intellect)

We have been programmed to believe that the mind is superior to the heart.  The heart as a source of guidance has been dismissed as primitive, unreliable, for the uneducated, a form of superstition.  Yet the heart is the gateway to our untapped powers. 

In comparison, the intellectual mind is considered to be the measure of intelligence.  This is nothing but a smug arrogance that feeds the ego, tricking the ego into thinking it is more sophisticated than others.  Those who gloat over being more intelligent because they are capable of quite sophisticated mental processes are not aware that they too are under the hypnosis of a spell designed to deceive us about where our power is (and where it is not).  In truth, the intellect is so limited.  Even the most complex mental exercises – involving reasoning, analysis, inferences and logical deductions – are still a rudimentary type of intelligence when compared to the real potential of our intuition. 

Instead of the eight steps required to achieve an outcome, you may be informed by your intuition to take one single step that gets you there.  If you think about it, this is what differentiates between primitive and sophisticated.  Imagine beings from a more advanced civilisation observing us having to make a piece of furniture by first cutting the wood into roughly the sizes needed, then painstakingly chipping off the sides to get the exact measurements, sanding the wood and lastly putting the pieces together.  What if this civilisation is able to use just one tool (or more likely with only the press of a button or simply by intending it) to achieve all those steps?  Through their eyes, we would seem primitive.  With intuition, we could arrive at a conclusion instantly without say, having to do complicated spreadsheets to analyse and calculate various dimensions of data. 

You might say, what about the AI today?  Even with its astonishing speed and breadth of data to draw from, it is no match for our intuition.  For it calculates facts and uses logic.  In the realm of the intuition, none of these matter; you simply have a knowing and you are there.  What’s more, the pool of data that the mind and the AI draw from pale in comparison to the infinite data from which our intuition derives information. 

The higher your level of consciousness (and hence, the more powerful/advanced you are), the less you have to do to achieve the same thing. 

Soul Alignment Perspective

For long, we have been coerced indirectly to conform to rules and standards imposed by society.  We’re encouraged to pursue what society deems to be worth pursuing and punished for straying off the path of these norms.  Those who commit the latter often face the consequences of shame, embarrassment, humiliation and rejection from family or social circles. 

The truth is, we are individuals with individual interests, proclivities and gifts.  Each of us are on a personal soul path, with our own calling or life mission.  Trying to fit into what others think we should and shouldn’t do is a major cause of most mental-emotional conditions. 

There is a premise I work with that states, if you are aligned with your soul, then everything will work out.  You cannot try to be someone you’re not.  You also can’t NOT be who you really are.  Problems materialise when you are out of alignment with who you are. 

Try forcing someone to perform a job that doesn’t come naturally to them; they will quickly wither inside.  But when given the freedom to cultivate their authentic areas of interest, they can flourish and ultimately become a valuable member of the workforce. 

In the paradigm where the divine feminine reigns, allowing one to flourish according to their individual course is necessary for the eventual culmination of what will be a Higher Design.  A more beautiful and harmonious world can take shape, beyond what can be possible by perpetuating the rigid structure we know thus far. 


The divine feminine way is non-linear.  It is fluid and unpredictable.  Instead of seeing everything as either black or white, we recognise there is great power in staying in the grey area, exploring the middle ground.  This is the Juicy Unknown, out of which magic and miracles are made manifest. 

Whilst the current paradigm may maintain you have to execute a chain of processes in a specific sequence to attain a certain result, you could be guided internally to take one action that doesn’t fit into that sequence.  If you heed this guidance and a good result is achieved, it informs you there is something more powerful than following the strict order of steps.  Many have done so and proven this wisdom to themselves. 

The divine feminine calls for flexibility when approaching any issue.  Something that may not conventionally apply to your situation could have a place and be worthy of being accommodated.  

Trust and Surrender Vs Fear and Control

The divine feminine knows there are infinite resources and potential when we surrender to the Unknown: the sacred void, the fertile sphere of the unknowable. 

Contrary to common assumptions, the feminine is wildly courageous.  She throws herself into the Unknown in full faith, undeterred by any doubts and external hindrances.  Her passionate surrender rouses all the support and sustenance she needs from the Universe. 

At present, the existing system operates out of fear and uses tactics of control.  Energetically, this blocks the flow of abundance, thereby creating scarcity and generating more fear in a vicious cycle.  We are trapped in a fear-based world, not because it is intrinsically so but we’re programmed to see it that way.  In turn, our fear makes us vulnerable to control and manipulation.

We are sick of being controlled and constantly taught to live in fear.  Our longing for something different has called upon the divine feminine to rise again.  In this, we are invited to Trust in a higher intelligence.   

Nurturing Inner Power Vs Hoarding Material Possessions

There is a strong guiding light that is illuminating the path for us to return to the source of our true power.  Having been brainwashed into thinking that the power lies outside of us, we are realising it is untrue.  This lie has us giving power to the people in authority, and it is now obvious to many more that this exchange is one-sided: while these parties get fatter with resources, we haven’t become more empowered.  It is clear that we’re being drained by the system that purportedly takes care of us. 

As we face the repercussions of having given our power away, we are being gently guided back to our power inside.  Collectively, I see a switch happening as soul by soul we are awakening to the Truth.  The old way of grabbing, hoarding and accumulating possessions in pursuit of power and security has become stale in the light of this illuminant truth.  Those who are attached to this old way are suffering, since the veil has dropped and we cannot trick ourselves anymore into believing that the source of our wellbeing lies in external things.  Despite having a wealth of material assets, people are not content or feel safe, if they haven’t also nurtured their own powers within. 

Conversely, those who are coming back to nurture their inner resources, to dwell in the domain of true power inside, to explore what else is there internally, will be rewarded by long-term riches.  This is the only source of sustainable power and completely of your own authority. 

Sign #5: Gravitating Towards Female Leaders

We may find ourselves wishing for more nations to be led by female heads of state.  Tired of administrations steeped in greed and corruption, many are feeling a desire to be governed by a system that yields a feminine touch – one that imparts nurturance and takes into account our emotions when making decisions. 

Due to an imbalance caused by the suppression of the divine feminine, we are prompted to bring back those qualities.  We have an innate sense of something amiss, that we have been deprived of something fundamental about who we are. 

The masculine has suffered from this misalignment as well.  In quashing the feminine power, men are not supported to rise in their divine masculinity either.  When balance is restored, our male counterparts can come into their true power too.  Ultimately, the call is for both the divine feminine and divine masculine to be restored, for one activates the other in a synergistic loop to create a benevolent governing force, one that we can truly get behind. 

rise of divine feminine is happening now by amyra mah

How to Experience More Divine Feminine In Your Life

As we embrace the re-emergence of the divine feminine in our world, we will feel a real healing taking place – now and not as a plan for the future.  We are witnessing the transmutative power of the divine feminine as she rises amidst us, resurrecting our ability to alchemise what does not work anymore. 

The kind of restorations to our world can be enormous, even miraculous.  Such is the power of the divine feminine.  On top of that, power that has been usurped when reclaimed is more potent than if it had never been appropriated.  Those of us who were cruelly persecuted in the past for being symbolic carriers of this power will return stronger than ever.  Mark our words; it will not be for nothing. 

What is possible when we fully embrace the divine feminine?  A society based on fairness and benevolence, where there is no place for greed to fester into corruption.  The planet can be rejuvenated, the destructions we’re left with reversed.  I want you to FEEL that power.  It is in all of us. 

As you witness this collective rising of the divine feminine, you too can contribute to it by initiating an uprising within you.  Here are some of the things you can do:

Softening and Slowing Down.

In a patriarchal culture, we are conditioned to go faster, run away from our feelings, chase after the next goal, etc.  There is no time to rest, is a maxim in this culture.  We are taught that it is not safe to slow down, we cannot afford to take time out to appreciate our surroundings and we need to protect our lot by being in resistance to nature. 

All that this has led to is an overstressed society devoid of fulfilment and meaning.  Instead, start embracing a more feminine way of being.  Contrary to what you’ve been programmed to believe, it is safe to slow down and to soften towards yourself.  As a matter of fact, not only is it safe it enables you to find and enter through a portal to your true powers. 

Your powers are hidden in plain sight.  Where they tell you not to look, right there is where it is hidden. 

Align With A Forgotten World.

For most people, the idea of a world where love, beauty and magic abound seems far-fetched and fantastical.  It’s no wonder we are jaded or cynical; the world we are programmed to see and live in is a bleak one. 

But such a world is more than possible.  By deciding to gravitate towards it, we begin to open the door to something different.  Asking yourself, “What if….?” will stretch your possibility muscle and allow you to envision something else. 

At this time, the whole structure of our society is liable for change.  So, we can likely see the forming of a new kind of world where the lovelier traits of humanity are prevalent, rather than the harsher characteristics we are used to seeing.  This is where you and I have the power to help determine one or the other; if we decide to shut out any consideration for the possibility of a better paradigm, we are essentially choosing to be stuck in the existing state.

Put the Sword Down.

Through our history of being oppressed, in our survival we have trained ourselves to fight for our rights.  Today, our way of being is predominated by these old habits.  But that fight is over in the grand scheme of things.  The rise of the divine feminine is already happening.  We can put the sword down. 

In fighting for our rights, ironically we have diminished the feminine.  What this means is, we’ve become used to adopting masculine traits instead of tapping into our feminine powers.  No wonder the latter has become dormant. 

It is time we give up these habits and relax internally into our store of feminine powers, waiting for us to harness it.

Notice the Light.

If you’re asking, “What divine feminine?  Where is it?” then you are choosing not to see it.  Look closer.  Relax the skeptical mind and notice she is indeed here.  As you focus on it, she will expand in your awareness.  It’s a palpable force that you can feel, sensations that trickle through the layers of your consciousness. 

The “it is not there” is part of the spell to keep you asleep – unaware of the truth that darkness isn’t all there is, that Light is reigning.  Choose to awaken from the spell Now; feel that force unfurl from somewhere in the core of your being, breaking through the fog of hypnosis.

Incorporate It Wholistically.

As we assimilate the divine feminine into our society, it’s important that we refrain from allowing this concept into some aspects and not others.  For instance, you might be willing to incorporate more properties of the divine feminine into your personal life but not in the way you run your business.

I urge you to integrate her into all aspects of your life.  Incorporate her presence and wisdom into your organisation, social life, how you relate to others, your creativity, the way you’re being with yourself.  This has to be the new normal. 

We tend to compartmentalise when we don’t feel safe, and undoubtedly we’re still governed by a fear of persecution.  Truly embodying the divine feminine can bring up a primal fight-or-flight reaction in our cells.  This in and of itself is not a bad thing; it signals to you certain pockets of your consciousness that are trapped in trauma.  By recognising it for what it is you can begin to liberate yourself from old templates that may be blocking you from thriving in life.

lotus to symbol the divine feminine amyra mah

Releasing Those Imprisoned Aspects (A Healing Anthem for the Uprising)

I wrote these lyrics a little more than a year ago, when sensing a deep calling to help bring forth a healing to restore the feminine-masculine balance to our world.  Today, we are already further along, with the divine feminine now ascending.  I feel the words are still powerful as a kind of anthem for the current Uprising of Consciousness.    

I am shedding this masquerade
Baring my soul see all of me
Burn me if you must I will narrate
This cruel darkened history.

And die, die, die
Die all these lies
Burn me if you must
I will rise, rise and rise.

Be ready for my return
Like a phoenix in flight
I will cast at every turn
Your shadow in my light.

 You have no choice than to see
Your reflection in my eyes
As you bow to the divine truth
And drown in your soul’s cries.

(Lyrics by Amyra Mah)


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