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Transmission Phase 2: Lifting Off As Divine Beings

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How to Exit the Disempowering System and Rise In Your True Power

Early this week, there were protests all over Kenya.  Due to security warnings circulated by embassies and various organisations, I had had to cancel my appointments outside.  Businesses too, for the most part, were closed. 

It is not a coincidence that this is happening as we are getting ready for the launch of the second phase of Transmission this weekend.  Essentially, Transmission is all about igniting the true power of the people in Kenya; to shift a people trapped in the illusion of powerlessness, into recognising that they are so immensely powerful.

What I saw happening in the streets that day was a demonstration of powerlessness.  It is a sharp contrast to what I know about Kenyans deep down.  This is the very thing that Transmission is here to ‘rectify’.   

Some may admire the protesters, deemed to be courageous and right to stand up against a government that has not fulfilled on pledges made during campaigning and instead has increased taxes and cost of living.  But there is little power in the things we do outside.  Ask any activist or developmental worker; years of dedicating themselves to fighting a worthwhile cause tend to yield very little results, if any, and most become jaded after a while.   

This is because we’re programmed in a system that thrives on people being powerless.  The very model of modern society is geared towards creating demands to cater to lack and scarcity.  Even the most altruistic-seeming endeavours can fall under this system, unless they are designed to take people out of the system itself.  Anything that aims to soothe the pain of being trapped without an escape plan merely perpetuates the system. 

Watching footages of the protests, I saw people reverting to primitive ways of asserting power.  This is what I often refer to as “false power”, because on that level we ARE quite powerless; it’s not easy to cause real change, and in fact the more we do the more powerless we feel.

True power does not come from physical exertion or mental calculations.  It is not from what you say or do.  Those realms of our being do not store real power.  It is in the spiritual realm that our true power lies.  When you exert yourself physically or mentally, that energy is limited.  But when you tap into your spiritual power, your resources are infinite.  What you say or do can only enhance a position of power already taken spiritually. 

We have been so programmed to identify ourselves with the limited aspects of ourselves that we ignore the place where we do have power.  I am not referring to the type of things taught in mainstream law of attraction or typical manifestation techniques either, which still rely on the egoic mind and do not allow us to tap into our true spiritual powers.  Yes, even those who think they are teaching higher-perspective tools can end up just keeping us stuck in a not-very-powerful place. 

Your consciousness, the part of you that’s invisible yet infinitely powerful, is an aspect of divinity.  When you strip away all the conditioned layers of your being – how you look, your history, internal dynamics, personality traits, etc. – you in your purest form is pure consciousness.  The source and expression of a divine spark of aliveness. 

If you ‘identify’ more with this core aspect of you, your life will magically transform.  Yet we have ignored this essence of our being, and let our mind pull us into chaotic, destructive directions.  No wonder most of us experience life as a kind of hell! 

Existence is infinitely beautiful and abundant.  We, as players in this dimension, get to choose how we align or misalign our consciousness.  Where you rest in consciousness determines whether life becomes hell or heaven.  This has nothing to do with forcefully trying to make something happen, either through physical actions or mental willpower.  It’s more about relaxing and giving up control in the limited realms, and allowing yourself to dissolve back into your inner void. 

Here, is the source of all creations in your reality.  Just by melting back into this space you are turning on the switch for a higher intelligence to shift, align and transform your reality.

You wake up from the illusion of hell.  In essence, you exit The Matrix.  The door out is not out there, it is inside you. 

How We Get Stuck in Powerlessness

#1 Assigning Power to Authority

For those struggling with hardship and poor welfare, fighting back against the government can seem to be on the right track.  Protests and activism are aimed at changing the behaviours of those in authority, the law and circumstances – when nothing else seems to present a way out.  But these activities will mostly end up taking more power away from you. 

This is because you are assigning power to those in authority – the government, the leader, the economy – to determine the conditions of your existence.  The truth is that you, as an individual, is a sovereign, autonomous being.  And when you leave it in the hands of others to run your life, you are placing the power in the hands of so-called authority.

This is not about being an anarchist either, which is another form of expressing false power and not tapping into our true powers.  True power is a quite power.  It’s an inside job; it need not be demonstrated outwardly.  That’s how truly powerful it is. 

At a certain level, some degree of people fighting back is even encouraged by the system, to create the illusion that you do have some power.  But by participating in this trap, it takes even more power away from you. 

The majority of those in authority are driven by false power.  Fuelled by ego, they incite the masses towards a self-serving agenda, by stirring up discontent to control and manipulate.  This is obvious when we nurture our consciousness and rise above the hypnosis we’re under. 

This “authority” can be anything we place power outside of us.  Doctors, scientists, pastors, healers, psychics, etc.  Someone to tell us what to do or to fix what’s not alright for us, when we have our own store of power inside us to shift reality ourselves. 

The more you are conscious (i.e. you remember who you really are – a divine being of light), the less power outside has over you.  Therefore, when creating change, the power is not ‘in the streets’ but in consciousness.  Consciousness determines the content of our reality. 

#2 Believing that Change Is Too Difficult or Unrealistic

Whilst over-exertion takes us out of our power, the opposite of this behaviour is equally unsound.  It is when you have the mentality that you or the situation can’t change, or it’s too difficult or unrealistic for change to happen. 

You end up just tolerating your position of powerlessness, instead of taking steps to shift it.  And you stop short of looking elsewhere and discovering where your power really lies and seizing this power. 

This mentality can result in a lack of enthusiasm and energy to expand outside of the construct of powerlessness.  Consequently, only short-term achievements are strived for, promoting a kind of hand-to-mouth existence with attention given only to fulfilling immediate needs.

The problem with this kind of existence is it simply reinforces powerlessness and does nothing to elevate us out of being powerless.  If all we think about is surviving today, then there is no real investment of our heart, soul and energy into caring about longer-term consequences or into something that could elevate us in the future.  

It could be argued that the reality is people simply have no resources; they do not have the luxury to think beyond this moment.  But money and physical assets are not the only wealth that counts.  Again, we have infinite resources within that are often ignored and dismissed as not relevant in the context of our reality. 

This way of looking at our world as lacking can give rise to a pattern of expecting handouts, something for nothing, or to be saved by someone.  Lying and manipulating may come about, just to cover our tracks for the next unit of time, if we’re thinking only of the short-term.  Any negative consequences can be dealt with later, when we come to it. 

These behaviours have destructive effects on other people and our civilisation.  It can rob others of self-esteem, trust, energy.  Instead of spreading love, kindness and light (which is truer to who we are as divine beings), we spread disorder, turmoils and toxicity. 

We are high-level, mutidimensional beings.  When we step into our power, we will have the larger perspective of how everything and everyone is interconnected.  But when we stay small and powerless, we don’t see and care that our actions affect others.

Therefore, you tolerating being small and powerless not only dims your light, it dims the light of the collective whole.  When you decide to ignite your light, to rise out of the narrative that you’re stuck with the reality of powerlessness, you uplift the entire community, nation, world and Universe.

#3 Insisting On Being Powerless

Sometimes, when shown where the exit door is, instead of embarking through that door we insist on our old chosen way of dealing with something.  We can be so deep in the system’s programming that it’s hard to see a different concept around our power. 

Your resistance to look elsewhere other than ‘fighting fire with fire’ is an indication of how much power you have given away to a system designed to take power away from you but disguised as otherwise. 

The more we fight and engage on the level of the problem, the more powerless we feel.  We might be addicted to a sense of powerlessness.  It may have reached the point where we perpetuate the cycle of powerlessness ourselves, simply by craving more of the same feelings, thoughts and sensations. 

But nothing is more powerful than Spirit, or your inner light.  Even if you’re under the spell of perpetuating powerlessness, there is a part of you that knows it is not aligned with who you really are.  You may sense it as a dull dissatisfaction with life in general, a kind of spiritual malaise, a subtle throb from your soul sending out signals to call your attention to where you have misaligned. 

It may even drive you to create crises and disasters, in a call for course-correction.  But it need not get to that, if you pay attention to your inner guidance.  The first step is to do something that is counter-intuitive: stay still and silent.

a still from the transmission music video amyra mah, ambasa mandela
Photographed by @anastasia.nane, on location of video shoot for Transmission Music Video directed by Ria Ana Sejpal.

Stillness and Silence

The answer – the solution – is hidden in plain sight.  It is in a place you’re programed not to look: right here, in you, now.  It is not out there, or some time in the future.  Here.  Now. 

Only by slowing down and coming to a pause can you see the Truth and awaken from the spell of powerlessness.  This spell is designed to keep you looking outside, running away from the here-and-now, so that you don’t realise you’re a powerful being playing in the pretend game of powerlessness. 

The good news is, exiting The Matrix is more possible and real now than ever. 

From an evolutionary point, we are primed to return to who we really are.  We’re not as stuck in denseness as we were.  Awakening can happen n an instant.  Collectively, we have grown and expanded to a point where it doesn’t take much for us individually to become powerful again. 

When you wake up from the illusion, you will gain an even higher perspective:

Above all, even the system/The Matrix plays a role in helping us to recognise our power.  From this perspective, it is playing out its role in making you feel powerless so that when you do rise out of it your level of appreciation and joy are amplified and sharpened that much more in the moment of awakening, resulting in a greater expansion of your soul. 

You will realise that this whole journey of grappling with powerlessness has been part of the Grand Design leading you back to your original blueprint.  The temporary illusion has served its purpose to enhance your overall soul passage.

The live activation of Transmission Phase 2 is on tomorrow 25th March 2023 in Nairobi, in a special event that includes a spiritual session by me featuring Tony Percussive, a screening of the Transmission music video and fashion film, and a private performance by Ambasa Mandela.  If you’re abroad, you can tune in to receive the activation. 

a shot from transmission music video by amyra mah 2

Main image: A still from the Transmission Music Video & Fashion Film directed by Ria Ana Sejpal, shot & edited by Akash Chotai.

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