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How To Get Unstuck NOW By Tapping Into Your Spiritual Truth

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During meditation a few days ago, I had a vision that left a profound impression on me.  I saw a small, pitiful creature lying on its side on the ground.  It looked a bit like a newborn puppy – hairless, pale, eyes barely opened, and as though it was born deformed such that it struggled to even stand up on its legs.  But what struck me wasn’t its physical helplessness.  I could see through into the creature’s inner world of mental anguish.  It was trapped in a state of suffering, capable only of repeating a series of debilitating thoughts that reflected its limited field of perception.  The thoughts were about how restricted its world was, how it could never seem to get out of this nightmare into which it was cruelly born, and how helpless it was.

I felt an immense sadness and pity for this creature.  From my perspective, I could see how it had trapped itself unnecessarily in that state.  I wanted to let it know…  You’re not stuck!  Can’t you see?  Look beyond the illusion of your nightmare, it is not real!  There’s a whole other world right there in front of you!  I saw through the smallness and helplessness of this creature, right into its Spirit Self.  How it had bought into its powerlessness when in fact it was a truly powerful, magnificent being!  I could see how small a shift it would take for this creature to rise to its magnificence, transcend its nightmare, and find freedom, peace and joy.

I realised that this is how our higher, angelic helpers see us.

We often trap ourselves in our debilitating thoughts, unable to see beyond our ‘problems’, limiting ourselves to operating only in this dense reality.  We think that when we solve our problems “in the real world”, then we can have the luxury to pursue spiritual activities.  This is how we trap ourselves in lower consciousness which prevents us from seeing any real solutions to getting out of our problems.

We tend to assign too much power to what’s available in the dense reality.  That’s why it feels like so much work when we try to resolve situations using our limited logic minds and relying on the limited power of our physical actions alone.  When we do this, our field of vision is so limited that we simply cannot see a way out.

It takes a raising of our consciousness to see the paths that can lead us out of our troubles.  By that I mean shifting our perspective from within our struggles to a place removed from our struggles so that we can have a bigger vision – much like being in the place I was at in relation to that creature.  The creature wasn’t able to see a way out from where it was perceiving its reality, but the way out was clear and obvious to me.

How can we translate this into real, practical steps?

3 Spiritual Truths that will Liberate You from Stuckness NOW

#1  Know who you are.

Who you are being, the character you are playing, is just a minuscule part of the entirety of your being.  You are an infinite being and your capacities are boundless.  I know some of you reading this are about to roll your eyes; you have heard of this many times but lack the full conviction to really apply this truth in your life.  You want to believe it but feel frustrated that short of application through faith there is no other way of proving it to yourself.

It is not that the evidence is being withheld from you, as if the divine intelligence is some cruel force with a twisted agenda to see you suffer.  It is that the whole point of knowing your power would be missed by you.  If you say, show me directly that this is my power…  How could this power be demonstrated if you didn’t step behind the wheel?  Since that power is IN you and not outside of you, the only person who can exercise that power is YOU.

So often we let this perceived lack of solid evidence block us from stepping further into our power.  Or we take a step and then turn back when the evidence we want isn’t right before our eyes.  This is similar to if the creature in my vision were to start venturing beyond the world perceptible to its five senses.  I imagine it would take a period of adjustment before it attunes its senses to the new reality, just as when we enter a dark room it takes a while for our eyes to adjust before we can see anything.  The creature, with its well-honed fear patterns, would possibly retreat to its world of nightmares if it can’t immediately see a clear new world that immediately makes sense to it.  Such is our attachment to the comfort of what we know.  But if the creature stays in this new place long enough, it will see a world of beauty revealed before its eyes and most importantly discover that who it thought it was is not at all who it truly is.  In that moment of realisation of itself, all suffering is gone.  All the ‘problems’ that had seemed so real and threatening will suddenly dissipate from its view.

When you know you are already that which you’re striving to be, in fact bigger than that, you are home free.

#2  Be willing to go beyond your five senses.

Just as who you are is infinite, the world you live in is not limited to physical manifestations.  What you can see with your eyes and touch with your hands, are only a tiny aspect of the entire world you are in.  Within the same space you are in, there are things and beings that you cannot see and touch using your five senses.  But it doesn’t mean they are not there.  Depending on the frequency you are vibrating, you pick up certain signals from what is in your space.  But people tend to dismiss anything they pick up beyond their five senses, unless it yields ‘practical proof’.

If you close down the possibility of the unseen world being real, then you are locking yourself into a world of limitations, for the physical world is limited.  Since time and space are linear in the physical world, a lot of things are deemed ‘impossible’.  For instance, there are certain steps you have to take to get from A to B, and due to the physical laws certain effects are impossible to create.

But while the physical world is limited, the spiritual world is unlimited.  It’s a world where time and space do not exist (there’s no need for them).  That means, there are infinite ways of getting from A to B, and anything you can imagine can happen.  If you open up to this world of limitless possibilities, then you will perceive in a variety of ways how true this is.  As you break out of your old world and enter into the new, you are no longer stuck in your world of problems.

This was the block I saw in the creature of my vision that I was most passionate about removing for it.  To show it that it can stop relating only to its small field of perception.  I saw it much like a ping pong dynamic, with each  motion further trapping the creature in the illusion of its smallness and limitations.  I wished it would shift its focus for once to what lies beneath the illusion, relate to the Spiritual realm and in that moment there will be a clearing of mind as anguish is replaced by understanding.

#3  You have chosen being stuck.

No matter how big and real your earthly struggles appear to be, there is a part of you that have chosen the experience of struggles.  You have asked for it to be as real and convincing as possible, to fool you into believing you are small, helpless and limited.  You may ask, why would I choose this?

It serves you in two ways.  One, the journey of rediscovering your magnificence is the very game of life.  You could only play this game if you start off by being helpless, otherwise the game is over before you even begin it.  This is why we unconsciously create life challenges for ourselves.  I’m not saying that we create these difficult situations on our humanly level; this is not the same level as how we sometimes subconsciously sabotage ourselves due to the limiting beliefs we store in our subconscious minds.  I am talking about the level of our soul, when we embarked on this physical journey.  If you know that this experience of struggles was created from the level of your soul, and you know that your soul would only create experiences that ultimately enhance you, it ought to reassure you that (1) There is a loving agenda behind your experience of struggles as a whole; (2) This experience of struggles is not as threatening as you have believed it to be (i.e. it is not real).

Two, in our journey of rediscovering our magnificence, we can get blocked by allowing ourselves to be a victim of circumstances.  This means that you buy into the belief that other people and forces around you can place you in a position of powerlessness.  Even though you may think you can’t help but to believe this, there is a part of you that PREFERS to stay small and helpless, rather than to rise to your magnificence.

As much as I pitied the creature in my vision, I also understood that this too was a valid experience for it, since it had chosen to experience itself as small, helpless and limited.  As much as I wanted to alert its attention to its magnificence within so that it could free itself from suffering, I understood that the self-realisation I had wished for it could not be forced upon it as that would take away so much of this being’s potential expansions.  My compassion deepened as my understanding of it all grew.

Similarly, our higher, angelic beings can hold the space in love and compassion for our awakening but it is up to us to do the waking up.  How many times have you seen your friends receiving clear signs in their lives to wake up and yet they choose to stay where they are?  The truth is, we choose to wake up only when we feel we’ve had enough of playing on the level of being small and helpless.  We make this choice at every moment.  Therefore, every moment is yet another opportunity for us to either stay asleep or to awake.  Transformations can take place the very moment you make this internal shift.  The veil between you and freedom is thinner than you think.

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