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In my previous post, I wrote about the meanings we assign to things we see around us and how that can determine our state of being.  This morning, I made an association to something I saw and a healing was brought into my awareness.  A cold morning and I was working out in the gym when I saw this:

Tree Stumps with New Leaves Symbolising Healing and Rebirth by Amyra Mah

This is one of the stumps of a big tamarind tree that was cut down about six months ago because its leaves, which were falling in copious amounts, were staining the pool water, making it very difficult to maintain clear water in the swimming pool.  I was sad when the news was announced as I had spent days meditating by the tree and had felt connected to it.  When the tree choppers were sawing off the tree, I had sympathised with the tree to the point where I almost felt as if my body was being sawn into half.  I remember hearing the sound of chainsaw and feeling a pain twisting into my torso. 

Today I saw for the first time new leaves growing out of the stump.  Fresh, baby leaves that spell rejuvenation.  It was no longer a dead thing.  I instantly recognised what I was seeing: the restoration of some dead part of me, a rejuvenation of my spirit, the purity of new life.  I was bursting from joy and moved by the recognition of a great healing.

unusual wisdom by amyra mah

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