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channeling creativity from losses, endings, disappointments by amyra mah

Channeling Creativity from Endings, Losses and Disappointments

Healing and Transformation, Personal Power

I was listening to Srinivas Rao’s The Unmistakable Creative podcast where he interviewed Allison Gryphon, who upon being diagnosed with cancer channeled her energy into something she calls “fearless filmaking” – both as a coping mechanism and an inspired project.  She described the moments just after she had learnt the news, where she experienced life being fully present for the first time: walking on the beach she felt sand like she never felt sand before; eating strawberries and drinking expresso, and truly tasting them for the first time.  She reminisced about how wonderful it would be if that is the place people start off with, rather than wait until we are faced with death to start being truly alive.

It got me thinking: what if we use the devastating news in our lives that aren’t about a terminal illness but are symbolic of death in other ways to springboard ourselves to greater aliveness and increased creativity?  Rather than waiting until we’re about to die a physical death, we can apply the same attitude to the disappointments, endings and losses in our lives – whether it is a relationship, our career, job, or material possessions.

Channelling Creativity

Most probably, like me, you’ve had the experience of “throwing yourself” into a project upon receiving a piece of devastating news or realising an uncomfortable truth.  It usually starts off as a way to divert my attention away from the pain of the news or realisation.  Then, as I continue pouring my energy into the project, there’s a distinct point at which I become expansive.  Afterwards, as I appreciate the work I’ve accomplished with pride and almost disbelief, my world becomes bigger.

Endings, losses and disappointments can be a gift to push us to create and give form to our soul-inspired ideas.  Ideas that perhaps were sitting in the backburner for way too long.  Who is to say that those endings, losses and disappointements did not happen for the sole purpose of ensuring our creations?  Therefore, we can receive “bad news” with the knowledge that they have a higher purpose.  We can get right into action by moving forward with a project we know we need to complete – and thus, utilising a useful source of energy to flourish rather than be defeated by it.

I find that creating out of this space enables me to break boundaries.  Fuelled by anger, frustration and pain – combined with a  certain fuck-it mentality that often translates to more courage and fearlessness – it’s easier to push through to unprecedented personal levels of creativity.  Somehow, it’s easier in this space to drop the usual mind-games we play with ourselves, about upsetting people and all the way-too-polite defences we have to stop ourselves from stepping out.

All emotions are a form of energy.  Whatever disappointing news you receive, tap into the emotions it triggers.  Allow the emotions to propell you to action.  Channel the energies into something you’ve been procrastinating.

We can also utilise “bad new” to awaken us to more aliveness.  This increased aliveness can easily inspire a spurt of creativity and get you moving forward with various projects.

Utilising the Natural Movement of the “Bad News” for Increased Aliveness, Creativity and Power

Tune into the essence of the bad news.  Listen to it.  What is it symbolic of?  What movement does it mimic or reflect?  For instance, if you were fired from a job, how do you perceive it was carried out?  How does it make you feel?  If you feel it is a “kicking out” action, there is enormous potential power in that kicking out force.  Allow that force to “kick you out” into the space where you can create something you’ve always wanted to create.

Or suppose you’ve lost a lot of money, and you feel betrayed by your business partner.  Maybe you had confided in him about your personal issues and he used the information to gain advantage, resulting in your loss.  When you tune in to his actions, they mimic the movement of sucking your energy, draining you of your resources.  Instead of being disempowered and defeated, you could utilise the powerful force by surrendering all your blocks, limitations and bad energies to the sucking, draining vortex symbolised by this individual.  Since you already see him (his actions) as sucking your energy, deliberately release your negativity to be sucked away from you – leaving you clean, uninhibited and ready to take positive, inspired actions.

Some of the other movements you may notice within an event that brought to your loss, ending or disappointment are:


Example: Someone’s words hurt you, as though they are shredding you to pieces.

What to do: Release your old, limiting patterns, victim stories, fears, hurts, etc. to this shredding force to be shredded.  Feed the stuff you no longer want to it to be shredded.

Chaotic, toxic

Example: You’re embroiled in conflict with some people who feel chaotic and toxic.

What to do: Release your old, limiting patterns, victim stories, fears, hurts, etc. to this chaotic, toxic force.  Imagine they are being churned in the chaos until they dissipate, or see them being dissolved by the toxins (you can visualise something like burning acid).  Feed it with the stuff you no longer want.


Example: Something you hold as sacred has been exploited.

What to do: Allow this desecrating movement to open up the part of you which you’ve been keeping to yourself but that wants to be shared with the world.


Example: Someone close to you passed away and you feel they have left you all by yourself.

What to do: There is power in this abandoning movement.  Let go of your old self to this force, to be taken away from you so that you become the person you’ve always wanted to be.  In other words, allow some part of your old self (a part that you’ve wanted to let go of) to die, along with this person dying.


Example: Someone’s action makes you feel rejected.

What to do: Utilise this rejecting force to propell you to a higher place in life; a place more superior than where you would be if you weren’t rejected.

In all of these examples, you should sense an immediate, freeing feeling and a burst of energy to do something positive.  It can be hugely empowering.

When you utilise the natural movement of an event to your advantage, it empowers you to receive disappointments in life as a gift to take you to a higher place.  You’re no longer a victim of circumstances, knowing that whatever appears to be negative and painful contains a key that can unlock doors to greater happiness.

If you’ve recently experienced a devastating event, what natural movement do you sense within it? 

How might you use it towards channeling creativity?

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