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22 ways to reset, restart, renew your life by amyra mah

22 Ways To Reset, Restart and Renew Your Life

Self-Actualisation, Addictions, Healing and Transformation, Personal Power

There is a strong portal at this time.  Many souls are choosing to transition out of a physical life utilising this powerful portal.  Those who are staying, we too have gone through this portal and in our own way undergoing a mild-death of sorts.  Or a rebirth.  In this, there is an opportunity for all of us to transform to an elevated life more consciously: to do life on a more expanded level and experiencing more love, beauty and magic as a result. 

You too may have felt an increase in appreciation for Life.  Along with it, a call to shed the stale, stagnant, stuck and stubborn.  A prompt to reassess what is important and what no longer wants to be a part of you.  A nudging towards actualising an upgraded version of yourself.  In short, an attraction to begin anew is very much the climate now. 

Here are some ways that can support and optimise the power of your transformation as you take advantage of the collective renewal force right now. 

1. Give Up Addictions

give up addictions, start anew, amyra mah

Before you do anything else, it is essential to clean up on this fundamental level.  Addiction is such an energy drainer, soul-sucker, brain-scrambler and destroyer of relationships that it demands your attention and commitment to change.  If you have a problem with addiction, you need to prioritise it above everything else.  Employ help if necessary. 

This is the time to clean up your act and transition to a lifestyle where you can savour the true Bliss of Existence.  The joy of being sober, clean, aware, present is unmatched by any highs you can get from taking a substance.  Giving up addiction is not a deprivation.  On the contrary, addiction deprives you of the real joy of life. 

Moreover, if you embark on personal growth, healing and therapeutic work while using, your efforts and growth will be compromised.  Only when you are fully-clean can you attain true growth and expansion.  Rest assured, there is a lot of energetic support for those who commit to making this change at this time.

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2. Elevate Your Space

elevate your space by amyra mah

Clearing out the space in your surroundings is one of the easiest ways to bring on a sense of renewal and in the process correct some energy misalignments, which can create direct changes in your reality.  But the idea of decluttering and tweaking the placement of objects can be daunting for some.  I think it’s when you overthink it that it becomes daunting; if you simply act (remove this, throw that out, push this aside…) out of an intuitive sense, without analysing it too much, it can be done quite quickly. 

Your work space affects what you create and produce; you see what is in it every moment you are there.  Therefore, it has a potent effect of reflecting certain meanings back at you, informing you of who you are. 

The space in your home has the same influence on you.  If you leave dirty dishes in your kitchen sink –  if you are someone who tolerates having unwashed dishes around – your mind will form subtle associations that impact other areas of your life; for instance, associating it to you not caring if your partner maintains low standards around you. 

3. Overhaul Items and Belongings

shadows on wall in amyra mah's house

Specifically, objects that are broken (unless it is admired truly as a work of art or cherished as part of its vintage charm) can negatively influence your reality.  Appliances that are not working need to be dealt with and not just sitting in a corner or a cupboard collecting cobwebs.

Cobwebs are a powerful metaphor.  If left unattended, they can go on to create real stuckness in your life.  Therefore, clearing out cobwebs can remove obstacles in your situations. 

Cracked mirrors need to be replaced.  A common excuse is, we can’t afford to buy a new one yet.  Swap it for something else you are paying for; it will come a long way in creating abundance. 

Clothes that no longer fit you or that you know you aren’t going to wear in the near future need to go through a strict process of decluttering.  It’s okay to keep several items for their sentimental values but more than that is a sign of hoarding.  Hoarding often comes from an unhealed emotional wound.  Gently examine within yourself what you are holding onto that if healed can free you from a certain pain.   

You could also do something creative with an old or broken item.  Paint over it.  Turn it into something else.  Or give it away. 

4. Audit the People in Your Life

roaring fire in a fireplace, amyra mah

Look at the people with whom you often interact and assess whether there is a healthy exchange of energy.  Is there someone whom you give more energy to than they give you?  Where could you assert healthier boundaries?  What about you taking more energy than you are giving them?  Include your family, social circles, work and professional, community (including spiritual). 

Is there someone in whose presence you feel intimidated, small, or compromised in terms of who you are?  How might you change the dynamics with this person? 

As you take steps to correct the imbalances in your relationships, your energy will flow more evenly.  This means less stress, and more peace, productivity, creativity and joy. 

5. Transform Old Patterns

manipulating sacred smoke by amyra mah

Use this time to undo a pattern of behaviour which you know is toxic and dysfunctional.  This is an opportunity for a big transformation to be reflected in your daily life.  When you give up an unhealthy behavioural pattern, you stand to reclaim a huge amount of your personal power. 

An unhealthy pattern is often governed by fear.  This pattern when perpetuated, prevents the fear from being attended to.  As long as you continue the pattern, you cannot heal its underlying issue.  By addressing the fear behind it, you can resolve whatever is driving you to behave in this way, thereby freeing you from both the fear and the pattern.    

6. Move Procrastinated Projects Along

amyra mah with tortoise in kenya

Procrastination is a big energy-sucker.  Haunted by a slew of unfinished projects and tasks, one can spiral into guilt and self-beration.  Unable to move forward, this stagnation blocks progress in other areas of your life. 

One of the causes of procrastination is we judge the task to be unpleasant; in effect, deciding it is an unpleasant task.  The remedy is not to tell yourself that it is pleasant.  Instead, connect with an inspiring truth around the task: why is it important for you to complete it? 

If you can’t connect with an inspiring truth, it may mean it is not aligned with you.  Decide to close the loop by either discarding the project, delegating it to someone else, or assigning a future date by which time you will make a definitive decision.

Being unclear about what the task is can also cause you to procrastinate.  Perhaps you could break it down to smaller tasks and do one clear, small task first. 

A radical step might be to start from the end.  Recently, I wanted to update one of my books but after reading through the initial chapters I found myself procrastinating.  Eventually, I decided to start reading from the last chapter and go backwards.  I knew that once I got moving, if I wanted to I would have no issue reading it through forward. 

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7. Clean Up Your Money Consciousness

gorgeous golden landscape in kenya, amyra mah

Money is an area that could do with a thorough clearing and cleansing since it tends to be laden with limiting stories and dramas. 

Do you find yourself in a position where others are constantly asking you for money, and you feel drained from others perpetually taking from you?  Ask yourself if you might have a self-abusive pattern within you, ‘inviting’ what feels abusive towards you.  How might you reverse this pattern within you and move towards being more self-loving?  

Do you owe people money and frequently have people chasing you up for debts?  Pause and come face-to-face with your situation.  Instead of running away (escaping, delaying, having to tell lies, etc.), turn around and face yourself.  Take notice of any guilt, shame and poverty consciousness within you that might have led to this current state.  Simply look at them without judgement and analysis, simply allow them to heal and transform. 

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8. Wake Up to Narcissistic Relationships

fever trees in kenya, amyra mah

You might be in an abusive, narcissistic relationship but have allowed certain unacceptable behaviours for the sake of keeping peace.  Yet you can feel the echoes of unhappiness bombarding you in the background.  Time to rise in your awareness around it. 

Apart from a romantic relationship, you may have other relationships that are subtly abusive, or even downright abusive, but you put up with it just because they are family.  These relationships can often block one from enjoying other loving relationships; they suck your life-force such that you have little left to give in cultivating a personal relationship. 

Being present to the truth in your relationship will go a long way in you restoring yourself within it.  Your awareness has the power to guide you in a divine way to a higher version of that relationship.

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9. Mono Diet of Sorts

heart-shaped potato found by amyra mah

In a nutshell, a mono diet is a way of eating the same foods in every meal to minimise the strain on the digestive system.  Adopting a kind of mono diet at this time can be helpful – by minimising the variety of food, tastes and spices.  We tend to be overstimulated, not just from our food consumption but our lifestyle and behaviours.  Taking a break and slowing down by eating something like a mono diet can calm your nervous system, and allow your body to rebalance and heal itself. 

When I was recovering from a nasty flu recently, I found myself doing this naturally.  The only food I wanted was the Malaysian ABC Soup.  It is called that because it’s the easiest soup to make, simply by boiling together chicken, carrots, onion, tomatoes and potatoes.  For days, it was all I ate, with some plain white rice.  It aided in a holistic detoxing of my overall being as I started to emerge in my rebirthing.  Weeks later, I still eat this at least once a day.

Cutting back on the variety of food can help you to discover your senses again, train your tastebuds to appreciate the subtler flavours – a metaphor for rediscovering life anew. 

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10. Forget Bucket List, Do It Now

Indriel, amyra mah's cat, basking in morning sun

It is trendy today to mention one’s ‘bucket list’ (a list of things one wants to do before kicking the bucket).  But usually the list remains just a list.  When are you going to do them?  The term comes from a 2007 movie of the same name; in the movie, however, the characters know they are dying, and hence, in a hurry to tick off the items on their lists.  

You do not need to wait until you’re about to die to tick off your bucket list.  Do the things you want to do, NOW.  The truth is, we can never know when we will transition from this life.  There’s a maxim that goes something like, “Live as if you’re about to die.” 

I’ve also heard accounts of people on the cusp of dying feeling their senses heightened and that they are truly alive for the first time.  In those moments, it would seem ridiculous that we waited until then to allow ourselves to feel totally alive.  Be fully alive now.

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11. Share Your Creative Work

amyra mah on location shooting transmission music video

While we’re on the subject of dying…  Is there something you wish the world would see or have access to before you die?  What is something you would like to bring out into the world right away, if you were to die tomorrow?

I remember when writing my first book, Flowing Through The Void, a tome containing all my wisdom and processes for self-healing at the time.  I was motivated by the thought, “What if I died with all this information inside of me?”  Throughout the writing of it, it was this thought that drove me to the finishing line.  I could not bear thinking that the world could be deprived of my unsual wisdom, the keys to mental and emotional liberation for those trapped in their imprisonment. 

Don’t hold back sharing that piece of technology, your invention, the healing technique, a powerful piece of writing, your half-done album, a manuscript still waiting to be perfected.  Share it imperfectly; you will have the chance to improve it gradually once you start sharing it.  It need not be restricted to work or business; you can share your creations simply for the enjoyment of others.  Your soul shines a little brighter when you share your creative outputs. 

12. Stop Tolerating

green leaves growing around a strong tree, amyra mah

Sometimes, we tolerate a situation that makes us unhappy because we are programmed to think it is normal and it is what we are worthy of.  Being stuck in a situation like this can sap the juice out of life.  You will find that by addressing an issue you have been avoiding, it can give you a renewed sense of being alive. 

Is there a situation or issue that you have not confronted for fear of the consequences?  You will likely discover that it is not half as bad as you imagine.  We exert more energy trying to avoid an issue.  The avoidance of it can generate even more pain on top of the unhappy situation and can drive you to cope with it in unhealthy ways, such as addictions. 

You can arrest the cycle, wherever you are in the cycle now.  The point of power is now. 

13. Discard A Piece of Technology

giant bamboo in rugusu, amyra mah

As much as technological advancements have made our lives more convenient, it has also removed a lot of what makes us beautifully human.  For instance, instead of making real connections, we rely on a piece of device to connect with one another.  There is a lack of culture in our world today, which dilutes the richness and hence, our joy and appreciation.

To increase your sense of aliveness, eliminate the reliance on technology for something you are used to doing so.  It doesn’t have to be drastic, such as stopping the use of smartphone.  Hand-write notes instead of typing; buy high-quality papers and a good pen.  Keep a physical shopping list instead of using a note-keeping app.  Do something manually without using a modern tool. 

Go old school for a bit and regain humanity. 

14. Reassess Your Values

brass eagle and snake rings, channeling rings, amyra mah

Taking time out to reflect on your current values is a powerful way to re-establish yourself in your world.  Assess what’s important to you – today, not in the past.  Examine the values you hold as important.  Are they still aligned with who you are today, or is it just a habit? 

Once you are clear, you can plant and anchor yourself solidly in the Universe with this new set of values. Such strong footing commands the delivery of every resource you need for a magical life. 

Do this process for your business as well.  It may be time for an overhaul too. 

15. Stop Wishing You Could Be

amyra mah looking out into the expanse in kenya

You may be living in the future instead of becoming fully present and actualised right now.  Perhaps there is an aspect you are holding yourself back from being, yet wishing you are that, waiting for the right time to become ‘it’. 

Embody this aspect now.  The future does not exist; when you live in the future, you are deprived of being truly alive.  By bringing it back to the present, deciding to fully experience it here and now, you activate more parts of your consciousness. 

As you exercise your creative powers, the totality of you gets expressed.  This will be demonstrated in your world by the manifestations of infinite blessings and beauty. 

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16. Close A Chapter

amyra mah preparing incense for ceremony 2024

There are things that bother us – not quite urgent enough for us to act on it right away yet they drain our energy and occupy our attention in the background.  Decide to bring to completion one thing that has been bothering you but has no place in this new phase of your life.

Perhaps an unfinished business that continues to be a source of stress and emotional pain.  How might you close the gap and seal the hole so that it stops draining your energy?  What is one step you can take to reconcile something that has been troubling you? 

Past betrayals and stories of injustice may be consuming your energy.  Are you ready to stop feeding these stories in your mind?  Think about how much freer you can be once you have decided to drop them for good.  It doesn’t mean you condone any wrongdoings but to release them out of your hands, surrendering them to be taken care of by the Universal corrective power. 

What is one thing that is holding you stuck to your old identity?  Close that chapter and walk forward unencumbered. 

17. Go Beyond Superficial Spirituality

rainbow lights on pyramid-shaped candle, amyra mah

Perhaps you have been dabbling or practising in a sort of spirituality that is more about what being spiritual looks and sounds like.  True spirituality is when you really sense and know the existence of spirit behind the tangible world.  It’s when you can feel the divine in everything. 

Often, true spirituality is nearer than you think.  When people think it is so far away, it is due to trying too hard to get there.  Contrary to what most people believe, it is by going the opposite way of trying that gets you there (here, actually).  Stop doing anything.  Soften, relax, sink in.  That which you are seeking will meet you. 

Start doing life through a spiritual lens.  This will infuse a new dimension of meaning, beauty and bliss in your life. 

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18. Perform a Self-Reinforcement Ritual

two candle holders and a crystal in the dark, amyra mah

Set up a sacred space and relax into this personal temple in honour of yourself.  Perform a ritual to reinforce the renewed you.  You may light a candle to anoint your new path, burn your favourite incense to encourage the new you to soar unboundaried, place flowers over your photo, etc.  Be creative.  The point is to activate the consciousness of the new you fully.

Acknowledge, recognise and appreciate aspects of this new you.  Find ways to nourish these aspects.  In the ritual, additionally express three things that are uniquely you – perhaps a genuine interest, a pattern of behaviour you are proud of, something others love about you. 

With every act, feel this version of you awakened, ready to step out into the world, shining your soul. 

19. Move in the Direction of Rejuvenation

fertile, lush trees in garden, amyra mah

Stop identifying yourself by your age.  Most people are ageists towards themselves.  To define yourself based on the number of your biological age is extremely limiting. 

Aging is an artificial programming.  We are brainwashed into thinking that there are set capabilities and dispositions determined by how old we are.  The truth is, we are supposed to be ageless: unlimited in what we can do and how our bodies can thrive.  You may argue, but everyone ages, that is a fact!  But it only appears so because the ‘everyone’ you see are also programmed. 

I have seen many people saying their age by way of introduction.  All they are doing is reinforcing the programming and limitations.  Even if you’re saying it to show that you are young ‘for your age’, you are still perpetuating the illusion of linear age. 

Maintain an ageless identity.  Be ageless inside; your mind and body will increasingly restore their youthfulness when you stop buying into the programming. 

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20. Be Ten Times Bolder

A very quick way to inject a flood of aliveness and get your mojo back is to do something you’d only do if you were ten times bolder.  What is one thing you are holding yourself back from acting but know it will be fulfilling and you wish you would have the guts to do it? 

What if you were to do it now?  How about just doing it without any further consideration*?  Decide to come from courage at this moment, without delay. 

By taking this courageous step, you will break many mental and emotional barriers that previously limited you in certain areas of your life. 

*Needless to say, this ought to be within the confines of common-sense discernment. 

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21. Update Your Image, Rebrand Yourself

22 ways to reset, restart, renew your life by amyra mah

You may be feeling bored with the way you dress and adorn yourself.  This is a signal for an infusion of freshness in how you present yourself to the world.  Examine your image – the appearance you give to the public to represent the divine soul inside.  In what way could you update and upgrade your signature style?

What vibe would you love to exude as you step out as the upgraded version of you?  What does this look like externally?  What clothes, makeup, hairstyle and accessories align with this look? 

Another way to go about it is to ask: what is one genuine aspect of you that you want to incorporate into your image?

It need not be a complicated makeover.  Even just by starting to wear regularly an unusual piece of accessory can facilitate a stronger self-expression.  It also allows you to stand out and be recognised for your uniqueness, which in turn will help reinforce more of who you are now. 

22. Raise Your Frequency, Don’t Stay Low

amethyst bed with clear quartz, amyra mah

It is natural to go through emotional ups-and-downs.  But commonly, we leave ourselves marinating in misery, when there are things we can do to come out of it. 

We erroneously believe it is normal to remain in low-vibrational feelings.  Years of being stuck in dark times and unhappiness can condition one to accept it as normal.  In fact, most people think that feeling joy is a rarity. 

When it comes to raising our frequency, we are also lazy.  So lazy that we would rather not be bothered to do something to change it.  It is not difficult to shift your vibration.  It can be done in seconds or minutes.  You can simply slow down your breathing and connect with something else apart from your problems.  You can retrieve your power given to the source of your problems.  You can clean up the energy surrounding a story.  There are infinite things you can do in your inner realm to transform the way you feel. 

Make it a habit to ensure you are resonating with higher vibrations.  The difference can manifest in your reality as hell or heaven.  In this new era where joy and aliveness is our default state of being, choosing to remain elevated will align you with all that is wonderfully magical. 

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This article is kind of a sequel to my older post, 20 Ways To Renew Yourself, a timeless article that contains tips and wisdom that are just as potent today as when it was first written. 

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